Tuesday, September 9, 2014

I Am A Walking Moon - inspiration postcard



                                    SHINING MY LIGHT
                                           UNDER YOUR FEET,
                                              TO PROTECT YOU.

                                 AT NIGHT WHEN YOU SLEEP,
                                 I STAND BY YOUR WINDOW.

                               REMEMBER ME!  I CAN LIFT YOU UP!
                               WHEN YOU FEEL TIRED...
                               HEAVY FROM LIFE,
                               LONELY AND UNLOVED

                               REMEMBER, THAT THERE IS HOPE!

                               LOOK UP! REACH FOR ME!
                               COME TO YOUR VERY OWN
                                         WALKING MOON!

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edlorens said...

We all need somebody, something that we can lean on, trust, come to when we need that'hug'. Children have their favor teddy bear, or doll, or maybe invisible friend that often come to existence due to child loneliness, separation from piers.
When we grow up the need for teddy Bear is still there, maybe even more. That's why we want "love forever' and' only one'. That desire/need is worldwide.
but what about, when we do not have anybody. Animals make wonderful substitutes,
more-life partners. However with our more and more busy lifestyle and shrinking
living quarters, we not always can afford animal-companion. What then? There is nature. The beautiful world around us, just the way it was created: trees, rivers or stars and moon. Nature not just keep our air cleaner, or beautifies our surrounding but on deeper level affects our mood. If used with that perception, nature has the power to 'lift us up' bring harmony, smooth the nerves, reduce stress restore our being, and bring deeper relaxation among other things. Lets use it, consciously to bring more peace, serenity, strength to our life. Use it as a support system.