Friday, September 12, 2014

Shadow of the night

                      Woman In The Shadow 

                    I AM STANDING

                           IN THE SHADOW OF THE NIGHT,

                    WAITING FOR YOU

                           TO REACH FOR ME

                   THE PLAYFUL KITTEN,

                           CAN'T YOU SEE.

                    FOR YOUR ATTENTION,

                    COMPETE WITH ME!

                        SPEAK WORDS...I DO NOT DARE, 

                   NOT SURE, IF YOU REALLY CARE!

                  AT NIGHT, YOU GAZING FAR AWAY...
                         SOON MY DEAR, ANOTHER DAY...

                     YOU'RE SO CLOSE, BUT FAR AWAY.

               I DO NOT KNOW,

                     WHAT TO DO, WHAT TO SAY! 


                   YOUR HEART...NOT WITH ME...

          YOU - NOT THERE!

                          (SPRING 'ARCI' ARCIMBOLDI )







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