Wednesday, November 19, 2014


The sun is hanging low,
the day is passing slow
-day to twilight turns.
The lost sun rays burns
on sky, like flower in bloom.

The night is coming soon
with shine globe of moon,
when everything at rest
to think is time the best
-reflect on life there is,
before resting in peace.

I know what I want and desire,
easy to set my heart on fire.
All my success is my own.

That's what I felt!
In self pity I swim and melt...
As more deeply I dig in past
I see a lie running with me fast.

No success strictly is my own.
True - the seed I sown.
Time was with me patient,
I been taught by generation,
mother, father and other...
and God - the most from all
assist me, help me to grow.

The countless teachers
come to mind...
my success; observe-learn-apply.

To easy my original lie
with gratitudes I look
on all steps then in life I took.
With glowing heart now I reach
to thanks all, that spent time teach.

e.d. lorens
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