Friday, November 14, 2014



Want for your kid
           all the best?
give a 'good'...nothing less!

Teach the kid
           love and caring...
teach that love
           is spread by sharing.

Teach that heart
           that learned to give,
more abundant 
           shall receive.

With respect treat
          your child.
Be the strong,
          but tempered, mild.

Teach him early
          how to read.
Easier for him,
          life to meet.
Let him learn and explore.
Teach - How adore!

Teach that work
          can be fun,
-even hard one-
           if with plan,
           if it's suited,
           -satisfaction - guarantee...
value  - for yourself
           you'll see!

Honesty, fairness
           is the must
-to have respect,
           and others trust.

It might trivial to you seem!
But - No! Teach him how to dream!
Dreamers build and create,
what's in heart is at stake!

If the values are taught daily,
responsible he'll grow mainly!
Knowing well right from wrong,
he'll go through life with the song!

To make his life truly rich
-you'll just have to -teach and teach!

e.d. lorens
Thank You for following and sharing.


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