Wednesday, November 19, 2014

YOU AND THE WORLD -Do Not... - Poem by E.D. Lorens

Do not close yourself
to the pain of others...
That your sisters and brothers.
Secondary families

of mothers and fathers
-different country, culture, name...
The essence of life all the same.
The one in need, do not forsake,

together - lets better world make.

Your children
-do not stop to teach,
with kindness and fairness
far away to reach,
circle the globe
wipe away cry and sob
of other child hungry and sick...
Help the one that is weak.

Do not neglect 
your mind and heart...
With fairness do not part...
nurture tenderness and care.
The beauty of life - let's us share!

Do not allow yourself
to worry unduly.
Try to understand your problem fully.
Worrying - it will wear the heart.
That is not very smart.
Program yourself for better life

and dwell on that.
Solution will come - I bet!
Better life is going to come,
if you learn on good in life to count.
-stress progress, positive and good,
make out of it your daily food
Life rich and full - is your right.
With heart and mind 
-you can WIN that fight.

e.d. lorens
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