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English: Biosafety level 4 hazmat suit: resear...
 Biosafety level 4 hazmat suit: researcher
 is working with the Ebola virus ( Wikipedia)

Community portrait of Yambuku, Zaire -- 1976
Community portrait of Yambuku, Zaire -- 1976 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: "The health care worker shown he...
 "The health care worker shown here
 were incinerating materials used
 in the treatment of Ebola patients
at a Yambuku hospital in 1976."
 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Nurse-nun visits graves of victims of 1976 Zai...
Nurse-nun visits graves of victims of 1976
 Zaire Ebola outbreaks (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
This article is an update of the one I wrote back
in November of 2014 "AFRICA - EBOLA -THE NEED.
  Poem by  edlorens / NEWS IN BRIEFS"

Present article contains:
1. compilation of my four
poems about EBOLA

2. UPDATE about EBOV

3. Original article as I wrote it in November of 2014.

poem by edlorens

The youth and old are dying,
Africa-for her children crying.

Africa: do not cry!
To help, let us try!

Ebola took the root, 
from jungle came with food.
Like lotus to Africa came, 
poverty,  poverty mainly is to blame.
Fruit bat, monkey, infected meat
- poor people feed. 

Eyes wet with tears,
people hiding in fears.
with insane, burning pain                                                                   
Satellite image of Africa, showing the ecologi...
Satellite image of Africa, showing
the ecological break that defines
the sub-Saharan area ( Wikipedia)
life lost meaning - is in vain.
old faces scare, 
one doesn't dare!
Think of next day,
what it brings may!

With the world connected
easy to get infected.

For centuries Africa - used,
by white, his own
-exploitation, corruption sown. 
To Africa, we went
to get a slave,
diamond for rich,
animals - to slain!

We have a heavy sin!
Come and help to win!
Give to Africa in her need!
Fight Ebola, children feed!

With help Africa shall bloom,
without - to 'lack' she is doom!

Give medication!
Assist with sanitation!
Clean water, education,
teach, give and build...
modern Africa that will
prosperous world follow!

-Open the door for tomorrow!
 by edloens
Ed Lorens YouTube

poem by edlorens

                          Africa in pain is crying...
                           Ebola by her doors is lying,
                           without mercy killing.
                           Life-before time is stealing.
                           The life that had so little,
                           with little to spare
                            ...Now is more brittle
                                      ...and more bare.
                                     Nobody safe,
                                     not the one that sick,
                                     not the one that gives care.
                                     No compassionate hand,
                                     love message to send
                                     by comforting touch.
                                     By touch - one can Ebola catch!
                                     Feverish pain and fear.
                                     Death took all that dear!
                                     Can't run,
                                     can't hide
                                     there is no safe site.
                                     No food,
                                     no bed.
                                    One can cry and pray!
                                    Undignified death,
                                    and a simple grave.
                                    Only left to share!
poem by e.d. lorens

How to breathe,
when the heart freeze,
from shock - seeing disease.
No way to see light,
when the thoughts in fright!
The fear, the horror strike...
the demon rise
gloating inhuman cries.
The deathly virus seizes
everybody insight...

How to see life on happy sites,
When one Ebola fights?
The lonely dying...
neighbor distance keeps
the bloody liquid from body seeps...
Fire of fever, vomit
rash eating skin...
the world dark and mean...
Tormented body twisted in pain...
Insight corpse after corpse
stretching in the lane...
The number growing
-is on the rise...

One touch Ebola - life is the price!

No help in sight.
The lonely fright,
the lonely fight...
in a confine of the grave,
the body shall lay...

poem by e.d. lorens
Can you hear?
The Ebola fear!
'Help me! Help me! Please!'
Orphaned child   pleading 
 -the mother claimed disease!
Ebola dark dance leading
Africa's heart is bleeding!
Life lost its price,
 where everybody dies!
The child cries!
'Help me! Help me!'
The life became the farce!
The bleeding corpses walking.
Death - everybody stocking!
That's Ebola's - facts!


...The bats at night are flying,
and more and more are dying...
Ed Lorens YouTube

 The day when WHO announced that finally Africa is practically 
free from EBOV, the body of the 22 years old female student from
 the Port Loco area had tested positive for Ebola. The virus was
confirmed by routine swab testing. The victim visited for treatment
one or more hospital, but she was released and sent home. 
the authorities, at this point, do not know how she got infected.
She died on Jan. 12. There were no safety precautions taken during
her funeral. Now 150 people are being monitored and quarantine. 
One other person, the close relative also was confirmed that  
has the virus
According to the Dr. Bruce Aylward, from the health organization
in the past 9 months, there were at least 10 flare ups or  "embers 
 basically of this crisis". Simple blood test could bring instant 
diagnosis, but it is not performed widely since there are about 
2 million incidents of fever per month in the three countries. 
(  Dionne Searcey and Sheri Fink in New York Times - Jan 15/16)
                Below tables are  from WHO - VICTIMS OF EBOLA STATISTICS IN AFRICA              

                This is according to the WHO  summary of casualties due to EBOV

English: A shanty town in Soweto, South Africa.
A shantytown in Soweto, South Africa.
 ( Wikipedia)
          With  the look at the above photo of the shantytown in Africa,
the immediate answer to the persistence of the disease is clearly visible.                                   The poverty, the shabbiness, the closeness of these human dwellings is the base
 for  spreading the disease. The poverty is responsible and pairs up with the
disease along with the lack of education, hygiene and availability of the meds.
The other factors are environmental such as tropical climate, people's habits
such as eating infected bush meat or traditions like African's burials
              Worldwide human casualties resulting from Ebola - Heathmap             

e.d. Lorens
Thank You for following
 The original article, below still has informative, 
historical value.

1. WHO reported as of December 10  combine total deaths 
in West Africa three countries (Guinea, Sierra Leone, and Liberia)
is 6, 583 and 18,188 cases. 

As of December 12 according to HealthMap the breakthrough  
in those three countries is:

Guinea 2,339 cases1,454 deaths
Sierra Leone 8,014 cases1,857 death
Liberia 7,765 cases3,222 deaths
Sierra Leone has the highest count of
outbreaks and Liberia have the highest deaths toll. 
But Daily Star of Lebanon, quoting WHO, brought
 to the attention 
alarming situation presently in Sierra Leone. Except the 
south of the 
A country, the EBOV is spreading intensely.
in the week previous to November 30, there were 
385 new outbreaks. 
That number rose drastically in the week on November 30
 to 537, from which 202 are located in capital Freetown.
According to WHO, a number of the beds is adequate 
but a problem is with its locality. 

2. Wednesday, the man from Guinea, running the high fever, managed to cross the border  
at Fulamari  to Bissau
He was  taken from the bus to city Gabi along with eight  passengers and held 
for an observation. 
The 300 km (185 miles) landline border between Bissau and Guinea was 
closed since August 12 and reopened just last Tuesday.  Up to now Bissau 
avoided outbreaks of Ebola but  WHO said that Guinea-Bissau had an
 "inefficient health system which would not be able to cope with an outbreak of Ebola".

3. WHO declared SSenegalEbola free.

4. As Courier Mail reported on December 13, this year in Sierra Leone, that has
about one-fourth Christians population, celebration of the holidays, Christmas 
and New Year is banned. The news was delivered to press in Freetown
by Palo Conteh,
 the chief of the department. Soldiers will patrol the streets to make sure 
that people would not venture out.  

The 44 years old native of Sierra Leone, but permanent resident of USA,
Dr. Martin Salia, who last week tested positive on Ebola and was brought to the
Biocontainment Unit in Nebraska in critical condition - died this  Monday. 
Dr Phil Smith, medical director of the Biocontainment Unit at Nebraska Medical Center,
 on Monday said:
"Dr. Salia was extremely critical when he arrived here, and unfortunately, despite our best efforts,
 we weren't able to save him," 
Daily Star of Lebanon observed that this was 2nd death case of
10 in in US. It is unclear where Dr. Salia contracted EBOV, 
besides being chief medical officer at United Kissy Hospital in
Freetown, Sierra Leone, he also worked in some 
other medical facilities. 

* Another doctor, in Sierra Leone. Dr. Moses Kargbo,
was working in government hospital located in Tonkolili 
district, when he got infected with EBOV.  He was transferred 
to Hastings Ebola Treatment Center, nearby Freetown, where
he died Tuesday.

e.d. lorens
Ed Lorens YouTube





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