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                 THE LONELY CRY - EBOLA

                           Africa in pain is crying...
                           Ebola by her doors is lying,
                           without mercy killing.
                           Life-before time is stealing.
                           The life that had so little,
                           with little to spare
                            ...Now is more brittle
                                      ...and more bare.
                                     Nobody safe,
                                     not the one that sick,
                                     not the one that gives care.
                                     No compassionate hand,
                                     love message to send
                                     by comforting touch.
                                     By touch - one can Ebola catch!
                                     Feverish pain and fear.
                                     Death took all that dear!
                                     Can't run,
                                     can't hide
                                     there is no safe site.
                                     No food,
                                     no bed.
                                    One can cry and pray!
                                    Undignified death,
                                    and a simple grave.
                                    Only left to share!

                                    e.d. lorens  

Doctor Without The Borders
                IN BRIEFS
  • Nigerian  member of the military personnel at  United Nation Mission in Liberia   (UNMIL ) is  in hospital in Utrecht, Netherlands. 
  • Karin Landgren  , the head of UNMIL said : "UNMIL had taken immediate steps to prevent further transmission,"  and Stephane Dujarric, the UN spokesman, said at a daily news briefing there : "All areas where the individual is known to have been while symptomatic have now been decontaminated." There were 16 individuals that had a contact with the victim and thEY have to be monitored. UNMIL  lost previously two staff members. One victim died on September 25, another October 13.
  • The 50 year old Sycilian doctor  that contracted Ebola in November in Sierra Leone, while working for humanitarian organization is still in hospital in Rome in very critical condition.
         In Guinea by the end of November were 622 health case workers infected with
         Ebola and from that number 346 died (reported by WHO)
  •  The Google News,The Healthmap on Dec. 4 said:
  • 'Four New Ebola Cases Among Health Workers - The Inquirer'
  • Monday,The chief of the Incident Management System (IMS), Tolbert Nyebswah revealed in interview to LINA, that:
  •  -4 health workers in Montserrado County, Liberia have been infected with the Ebola, 
  • -probably in private homes caring for Ebola suspects without following protocol in using Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), donning (putting on) or doffing (taking off).
       -they are being held in the Monrovia Medical Unit (MMU),
       in Charlesvill, Magibi County. This facilities has been specially
       established for health workers and foreign volunteers.  The              health state of the infected was not mention. 
  • Nationwide, since March 2014,as per Ministry Report there were more then 170 deaths and over 300 incidents of infections among the health workers.
  • MEDSCAPE Multispecialty , Reuter Health Information, on Dec. 8 reported quoting WHO that up to now there are 17,256 victim, and 6,113 deaths due to Ebola combine in: Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea.  The outbreaks stabilized mostly in Liberia and Guinea which complied with the recommended control of Ebola outbreaks and burial 70% by Dec.1st. Exception is north part of Guinea known as Guinea Forestiere, which according to U.N. Secretary General;s special envoy David Nabarro it remains "troublesome". People reversed to unsafe burial rites.
  • The problems keeps on coming up and Ebola create more victims.  For example,In the capitol of Guinea, Conakry, demoralized by Ebola youth protested rather violently (like wrecking gazebo), halted construction project of new Health Center, chanting in local language Suzu,  "We do not want Ebola in our neighborhood! We fear Ebola! Do not pollute our environment," The protest took place during laying 'foundation stone' ceremony by Prime Minister Mohamed Fofana. M. Fofana, along with some dignitaries and  Doctors Without Borders had to evacuate.
  • That outburst, appears to be evidence that medical staff do not have total support and trust of community. There is a question - Why? Unanswered truthfully,and as much as possible completely, not bringing contraction and not taking steps in  winning community would positively delay efforts of containing Ebola.
  • These are poor countries. I imagine, quite big chunk of population depends on humanitarian institutions for vaccinations as well as anti malaria drugs. The present charitable organizations are in Africa not for the first time, That organizations worldwide are all well known and respected. The charitable organizations-they are givers. Communities-are the takers, recipients. 
  • It looks, like the real bonding was not developed or is lacking. We observe, over and over situation,where communities in dire health emergency, instead of turning more and rely on guidance from humanitarians, people act with suspicion or even in threatening manner. Why? In order to win over Ebola, there is need of better integration in daily lives of doctors and educators. Health workers trained from communities and doctors with similar cultural background are very much needed. They can help more in building the platform of understanding and cooperation.
  • Ebola started from one. The child. There is another one child or adult.but it takes only one, that can destroy all efforts for containing Ebov. 
  • COMMUNITY SUPPORT IS AS ESSENTIAL  As much as medication. As much as possible securing more survivors' help. Issuing certificate of discharge is good idea. Now survivors are being send home with $10 for transportation, plus new clothe. This is missing great opportunity.  They are link to society. Link of communication. None of them should be send home without first completing educational classes. Is that extra burden?
  • Temporary. Reward to be expected. This is opportunity to bring whole families and educate. Go for win the heart and long term goals. The child educated, endeared now, will grow to be educated, supportive adult. That will come handy in the future outbreaks of some other diseases. After getting over Ebola,  bodies of survivors are weakened,survivors are economically worse. They should not be cast of by discharging, but they should graduate to the next level. Assist with total body restoration and build the mind and spirit for community. 
  • The burial rites are extremely dangerous. But there has to be understanding for the human need to have closure and for saying 'Good Buy'. That need for time to separate, express grief is natural urge. Ceremonies are vital. They assist in easy the pain. Safe burials are essential. But for one living the ceremonies are of essence too. That has to be addressed by eliminating one, contact type ceremony with another ceremony. 
  • As much as possible the people with similar culture, backgrounds, roots should be used. Address grieve on emotional, psychological level.  The positive results, pay off will come, if not now, then in the future -  but can be expected. Burial rites should not be eliminated. Trying to eliminate burial rites would bring back splash, rebellion. The existing rites has to be moderate, changed for safe (with no body, carriers of Ebola virus present). Maybe creating memorial days with picture of diseased, taking new group picture, symbolic burial, songs,reminiscence, flowers, even paper flowers, maybe making big ceremony of gift giving to the grieving family.  Help for creating outlets for tears, for separation. Shortage of people, resources, overworking put stresses in one direction, but neglects other very important. Psychology of communities are being ignored. Burials could be used for drawing communities closer, in the right direction. 
  • I observed, that UNISEF moves in the right direction, by addressing by radio (Q&A), and creating other platforms for youth like competition. More merging is needed.  The certificate of discharge itself, in prominent big letter should directly advertise -immune to Ebola. Immunity should be stressed out. Even providing small thing, like plastic, colorful buttons-with words: Immune To Ebola-that survivor could pin to clothe could be given. Small personal, useful items with right message could be distributed. Educational ideas, knowledge mixed with that would stress out positive idea and would help survivor overcome society stigma.
  • To fight Ebola, and prepare for any future fights, that Africa climate can produce is necessary to meet communities on emotional level. Create new tradition -safer. For example, the burial rites could be aimed to change in memorial days, where the youngster/oldest/chosen in the family adopts as the secondary the name of the diseased. Now is the time to think about the future. Team of psychologists, artist, popular figures, people with knowledge of tradition could be employed to address society on mental level. Hearts can not be neglected.
  • Google, even when I am angry with, I love - how can be different? When this wonderful giant, not only  gives internet -but Google is in communication, connecting people, resources, bring us closer assisting small shopkeepers and the farmers. Google is a link, is in networking, with nobody equal. He brings us together.
  • Charlie Rose  interview Larry Page
    on Ed Talks
    about Google connectivity
    Larry mentioned here
    Google and the donations to
    Ebola cause, Caring Google's  fans
    matched contributions
  • Not that Google just gave $10 millions and Google founder, CEO Larry Page $15 millions for Ebola. But they gave us Google zoonite maps, Google News, Healthmaps -Google networking.
  • Employe that beautiful Virtual Monarch for more better connectivity and reaching the hearts of people. See the tape from ED Talks, where Charlie Rose interview Larry Page and bring Google in the forum of Ebola needs. Google has the skills, resources, experts in overcoming problems and creating solutions, bring Google to join, unite  the nations. Uniting, connecting is Google specialty. Should be explore
  • d and used. Google should be at the head of the talks and meetings. 
Senior UN System Coordinator
for Ebola Virus Disease,
David Navarro
photo from y.2003 
Ebola cases in Sierra Leona now are spreading rapidly especially in capitol Freetown and Port Loko, with 537 new outbreaks reported in week of September 30. 
Ebola Facts
excellent slide show
by Dr. S.D. Shekde
please use the link to see it
  • When in Liberia new cases from 60/day dropped to 10, in Sierra Leone trend is reversed and on the grow from 80-100/day. That creates needs for over 1,000 additional beds. That current, difficult situation Sierra Leone's Finance Minister Kaifalah Marah presented to the U.N. Economic and Social Council. 
  • Some  people for alarming situation in Sierra Leone,  blame slowness and poor organization in U.K. built  health treatment, run by charity Safe The Children. 
  • But Senior UN System Coordinator for Ebola Virus Disease, David Nabarro observed the problem lying elsewhere. He said:
  • SSome SomeFriday "The increase in transmission in western Sierra Leone is a reflection of the fact that communities there have yet to fully embrace the outbreak and to take action to avoid infection themselves," 
  • The most prominent points of infection are; either consuming. infected bushmeat, unprotected contact with somebody sick, touching surfaces with live virus or unsafe burials. 
  • On December 9, using WHO left my mail box with info that said, that total death is now 6,331.
  • As of December 9, 2014 New numbers in West Africa,
  •  according to WHO are 

          Nigeria 20 caes 8 deaths


     For real eye opener, you can go to the above link and see
     Google Timeline and Projection Zoonotic niche map. Google            map allows navigation, and focusing over different areas and 
     observe Ebola activity either in the past or as projected in                number different locations.
  •  Monday  junior doctors in Sierra Leone went on strike demending improvements in care given to infected heath workers.  There is a shortage for example of dialysis equipment   and other life saving equipment. During this Ebola outbreak,  previously medical staff was protesting requesting improvements and/or wage increase.   The protest already last 3 days, but as the government’s chief medical officer, Dr. Brima Kargbo- who had  toured the main government hospitals in Freetown -noticed: "no disruption in the medical service."  Junior doctors are not working, but senior doctors have reported for duty.
  • According to Health Ministry spokesman Jonathan Abass Kamara. Ten of the 11 Sierra Leonean doctors who have become infected have died. Improvements has been promised and better treatment centers. Hundreds of health workers died.  Healthmap said that: :" In an effort to make sure health workers get top-notch treatment, special centres dedicated to their care have already opened in Liberia and Sierra Leone."
  • The need for more health workers is/was partially answered  this Friday  From 600 doctors promised by Nigeria,100 arrived in Freetown, Sierra Leone. 
  • Another 76  Freshly arriving to Liberia medics, Nigeria's ambassador Chigozie Obi-Nnadozie, welcomed saying:"This is the African spirit you are showing, this is the Nigerian spirit,"
  • As  reported by Michelle Faul, A. in US News & World Report on Dec. 9: The Cuban team leader of 250 doctors and nurses send to assist with Ebola, as of Nov. 7,  Dr Carlos Castro, said that most of them are still waiting, not working, in capital of Guinea, Conakry  due to lack of proper training.
  • -Additional problem is that more and more people dying from  preventable diseases. Many are avoiding going to clinics, because they are scare of getting infected with Ebola.
  • Also, number one killer in Sierra Leone disease - malaria with similar as Ebola 
  • initial symptoms, now is in the season. UNICEF engaged 9,300 health case workers to distribute 2,4 million anti malaria medication.
  • David Nabarro talks about "extraordinary courage" of people fighting Ebola and of the survivors. He noticed that survivors due to their immunity status 
  • " have massive potential... volunteering to serve to support the treatment of others who are actually still infected with the virus... becoming ambassadors for the community..true partners. ...real champions."
  • He understands that survivors can and should be utilized to assist in taking care of sick, safe burials or helping to take care off orphaned/abandoned children. 
  •  David Nabarro  said in brief in Geneva  "... people are needed and needed urgently ... Every day we wake up and realize the enormity of the job ahead," 
  • According to the , by the December 3rd, 2014 there were about 22 % cases of children between the age 0 to 17.
  • Healthmap is basing its information on data from UNICEF FTR, that is  Family Tracing and Identification network. 
  • Currently it is believed that that there is huge increase in the affecting children. About 4,349 are orphaned by one or both parent, that almost double from previous reporting period.  4,826 girls and 4,698 boys (totally 9,524 children) are being directly affected by Ebola.
  • With pressing problems and increased crisis in Sierra Leone, $61 million that UNICEF received September 16, 2014 is not enough to meet the demands of the situation.  Now, UNICEF Humanitarian Action for Children (HAC) in 98% will suffice for only 6 months, possible creating violation of UN Children Rights Act.

" WHO director general Margaret Chan told the BBC in an interview. "An old disease like Ebola, when we put it in a new context, we were slow. All of us were slow to see ..."

If we were slow, than now we have to be double, no, triple fast, better organized
and more diligent.

Thank You.


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              Wikimedia- photo of D. Navarro under Creative Common                                   Attribution-share alike, uploaded by russavia, author UNCTAD


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