Thursday, December 25, 2014

CHRISTMAS: JESUS'S HAND, poem by e.d. lorens


                                               Merry Christmas

Before Christmas night,
I was stopped by magical sight
- the sky of Jesus might,
imprinted with his light.
Jesus-shepherd, king and guide.
Needed : faith and love
-pure white dove.
Needed: God's heart inspired
to set world in crimson fire
of good will - build and heal,
rescue, save and create.
No -  wars, poverty and hate.

I take Christmas with the jingle,
and the star with the twinkle.
I take heart with the song,
wrapped in ribbon mile long.
Jesus painted my heart gold,
to keep me in his fold.
I am sheep, a little lamb
in the Jesus loving hand.

e.d. lorens


e.d. lorens
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