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I opened my mail to face the most adorable face. The beautiful little, charming girl welcomed me
with huge smile. Oh, the picture was black and white, but if only I could see it in color... 
I know that sunshine would be it primary. The little kid and so much life-joy and generosity in that smile, that automatically, although no way she could see me - I GAVE THE BIGGEST SMILE IN THE WORLD OF MY OWN. Smile. LOVE YOU- I WHISPER, GRATEFUL FOR THAT TINY PERSON WITH SO MUCH PRESENCE.

That smile made me jump with inner joy and instant love.
  I forgot what  my previous plans were, and sat transfixed for a while looking at that magnificent , unexpected little visitor. Then, I noticed -oxygen! OH! NO! What's wrong!!
Now, quite disturbed, I forced myself to see attached letter.

It was a petition, like I get in my mail in quite a number from To some I respond, but not as much as I wish or should. is the biggest organization presently that allows people to address their problem through the petitioning, writing supportive letters for their need and collecting online signatures. 
On internet asking for donations became a lifestyle. Here with petition, one also can
donate to further move petition. Some do, some don't, some opt only for signing petition. 
Money do not go to benefit originator of petition, but toward reaching more and more people.  
I am, presently in the third category. Give support by signing-no donation.
I already put in place figures on how much I can donate and where, monthly or with occasional gift.
Money is like religion - allocation of dollar or heart - very personal.

I took a look around me: unwashed dishes in sink, floors needs to be washed, laundry to be done
and put away, clean the house, no time, pack, what am I going to take with me? I don't know. My head do not work as should. Long trip, very long trip. Things get done slowly or not done at all, oh, yes, I've to still go to bank, do last minute shopping, dogs need bath, and so do I.. I should probably put color in my hair, no time! My head half white...this year trip happy, little star tackled to the moon of love and joy, but floors of hell and with it pain of separation and last good strange, airy, today- the one year of aniversary of another painful tragedy, that day by day lies on the road of my life, like barricade from fresh air of 'just living', pure joy of being with words like ' no entry' 'detour'..tomorrow I'll have to take dogs to kennel, like every year when I am away and I have to yet..and the list of essential to do and needs to be done, and should to be handle goes on and on...the list never ends. Never! 
But does it matter? 
That little girl bought my time and bought me with that...SMILE! So, eh, the work, choirs and trouble will not run away from me - that's for sure. 

Now, all what's count is - that this little girl with sweetest smile - needs me!

The little girl mother Elsa Yedinak from Tehachapi, California is a single mother of two.               
As Elsa says:
" My five year old daughter suffers from mitochondrial disease. This is a genetic disease of energy production which causes a gradual decline and failure of body systems"

863,120 child care employees across the US (in 2011) are working in one of 75,059 child day care services. But none are right for little angel. ( )

Elsa could not find help from outside health institutions capable to provide the specialized intense care for daughter, that would permit the little girl to stay home. Elsa  is an educated women, has an advance degree and training and had a well paying job. But at the time, when life chew on us with the razor teeth, there is no choice
but let the heart handle the most darling. What to do? Difficult decision?! No! There is only one option and that
is: What is the best for little child! Elsa could not and didn't want to leave her daughter in the hospital. 
Hospital is not the mother care.Elsa quit her job as a pediatric nurse In Children Hospital, Los Angeles and found another with IHSS, so that she, well qualified on all levels, can take care of her daughter full time.
And yes-  keep her home in the environment and love that girl knows. 
She said:
"I currently rely on IHSS as my only source of income.
...In Home Supportive Service workers (IHSS) are in danger of losing the right to earn overtime. IHSS workers care for elderly and disabled Californians, allowing them to stay in their homes despite their care needs. They offer a crucial service, providing both the patient and their family relief. According to the UDW Many homecare workers are among the working poor--they are 80% women and make, on average, just $10/hour. And now, for-profit homecare firms wants to stand in the way of IHSS workers making equal a decent wage. They have appealed SB 855, the bill guaranteeing an IHSS workers right at overtime"

Can you relate to the Elsa painful cry:
 "I   need this overtime pay to survive."
This is not somebody with problems leaning on welfare. This is somebody, who willingly lower
her standard of living, but is working, needs and wants her job, only asking for fair compensation,
so that she and other IHSS worker can continue to provide vital service to communities.

Elsa and other IHSS workers need Governor Jerry Brown
to continue support SB 855.

What further Elsa says in her letter is a great eye opener on the
current situation in US in that industry.
Please, read on: 
" I am thankful to my years of intensive care nursing experience so that I am able to provide the level of care she needs at home. But without IHSS my daughter would be forced to live within the hospital because I would have no way of being able to care for her and work. My daughter requires 24 hour care yet the maximum number of allowed hours through IHSS is 61 per week. I am faced with making my family survive on 61 hours of barely over minimum wage pay.
My story isn’t unique. Currently, there are over 350,000 IHSS workers and over 450,000 patients in their care. If California can guarantee overtime for IHSS workers, they will be assured they can both provide the care their patients require to remain in their homes while also being able to make a decent wage. I personally will be able to continue to support my children and pay medical bills and costs which are not covered through insurance.
If we lose this fight we will continue to barely survive while struggling to provide care for nearly half a million Californians. As the population continues to age and the cost of healthcare increases, more and more elderly and disabled will look to IHSS workers to provide in home care. Without SB 855, this vulnerable population will be forced into long term care home, nursing homes and into the hospitals, costing hundreds of thousands of dollars more and costing them the personal dedicated care of an in-home care provider."
Please, HELP to defend IHSS 
workers right to overtime pay!
Please, tell Governor Jerry Brown to continue 
support for SB 855.
Please, give the daughter her mother.
Please, help them to STAY TOGETHER!
 I wish all the best to Elsa, her children and multitude of
other IHSS workers. 
There was a period in my life, over 40 years ago, when I also was a care giver.
I and my friend shared the time to assist one fine, older lady. I got so fond of her,
that there was a time when I pick up second full time job, to improve my finances...
but I did not want to leave that Lady. She became like grandmother to me and
caring for her, became a heart call and easy... separation - difficult.
That's all what I have to say. Now, maybe I can go and do my laundry...get ready
for trip.

Jerry Brown: Pay IHSS providers overtime

Elsa Yedinak 
Tehachapi, California

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EVA – There's a new petition taking off on, and we think you might be interested in signing it.
Tell Governor Jerry Brown to stand strong and continue to defend IHSS workers right to overtime pay!


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