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Years ago my husband took me to San Diego Sea World. It was a wonderful 
experience - the memory still fresh..We hold hands and watched exhibitions of
dolphins and we hold hands watching orcas .We were going from one 
exhibition to another holding hands (my husband specialty) excited and
happy. We had a good time. It never occurred to me, to ask myself how
the animal held in captivity is feeling about its prison 'grounds'.
I always passionately loved animals and seeing them up close was
trilling. The world offered me entertainment and I took it as part of my 
and my husband romance. I was happy and often as it is in similar situation
assumed that everybody around me was happy. But was I right?
Now, with the years gone by, I realized, sadly, that in that fun, fun world
not everybody felt as I did.
You see, some permanent residents of this entertainment center was 
not living, but bearing the life of captive, far away removed from its natural
habitats -  ORCA (Orcinus orca) a toothed whale, a dwarf form of killer whale
and the largest member of dolphin family. 
Yes, orca, the giant "killer whale", that looked like somebody
painted smile on its huge face.
I know that you're itching to ask: O.K., So What's about orca?
Well...imagine how would you feel if you would be forced to spent your
entire life in the place the size of the small bathroom...imagine how would you
like if in the same time you'll be deprived of company, communication with  
others....I think  you would not just be unhappy, but soon you would feel
the torment of the present state. You would feel lonely, depressed,  bored
restless or apathetic due to enclosure and lack of mental/physical stimulation
and everyday healthy interactions. The wild animals can and sometimes
bond with us (like orca with its trainer) But people are not a natural 
company substitute, sustaining life to wild animals.
Additional stress is when the animal was not born in captivity but captured.
Intelligent animal would carry memory of the worlds left behind and with it
the company of its own. Now, reflecting on that I feel much less entertain
and much more worried.


English–Killer Whale, Orca
French–Orque, Epaulard
Spanish–Espadarte, Espadarte, Orca
There are estimated around 50,000 orcas in the wild.
They are not endangered species but they are on the
IUCN Red List of threatened species. Red List is already
guiding conservation for 50 years.
Orca is super intelligent animal, that loves company. 
 It belongs to a single cosmopolitan species that
"consist of at least two and maybe three distinct forms, colloquially known as ‘resident’, ‘transient’ and ‘offshore’"
and "The killer whale is the most cosmopolitan of all cetaceans and may be the second-most widely-ranging mammal species on the planet, after humans "(Rice 1998). 

We are talking about animal, that do not care for staying in
one place, but loves travelling...usually in groups called pods
of 5-30 whales and even up to 100 animals in group that is lead 
by female (belongs to matrilineal family groups). Within the group there is hierarchy  and strong family bonds.
After 13-16 months of gestation, single 400 lb and 7 ft. long
calf is born, that will stay for at least 2 years at the side of
her mother. But in most cases the calf spent her whole life 
with her mother.
They are highly active species that travel up to 100 miles
per day. because of their super strength and size orca's
speed is in excess of  35 miles/hour, making her one of the fastest marine mammal.  
Within the group there is a very strong interaction and 
communication. The Defenders of Wildlife tells that orcas 
 have "complex form of communication", 
That fact alone implies evolve, sophisticated
Orcas' pods are distinguished by using a very specific
for the group highly evolved language. 
Do you speak Orcas? No?! Neither do I. It is true that all orcas share the same language, however, please imagine the degree
of higher development, since orcas' language differ slightly
from one pod to another - they speak with different dialects.

" Like dolphins, orcas use echolocation - bouncing sound off of objects to determine their location - to hunt and use a series of high-pitched clicks to stun prey."  (Defenders of Wildlife ) 
Orcas are smart, caning with the strong organizational skills.
Arctic, Antarctic, or of west coast of USA or Canada are some location where they mostly live. However, since
"there appear to be no hard and fast restrictions of water temperature or depth on their range" (IUCN)
orcas can be met in any other place, except Baltic sea
and Black sea.

 Orcas plan and execute their hunts together.
They feed on squids, fish marine mammals, birds and as
Defenders of Wildlife says:

"Members of orca pods very often work together to catch a meal. Pod members sometimes will force many fish into one area and then take turns feeding or will beach (slide out of the water onto the shore) themselves to scare seals or penguins into the water, where other killer whales are waiting to feed."

THE MOST FAMOUS ORCA "KEIKO"                                                                               

"keiko" Orca 
2 years old MALE at the time of his capture near ReyðarfjörðurIceland  in year 1979. 
For the first few years of captivity he was sold and resold to different entertaining parks, resulting in poor health and skin lesions. Finally in 1985 he was purchased by an amusement park in
Mexico City, currently Six Flags Mexico.
' He was the star of the movie Free Willy in 1993...
The publicity from his role in Free Willy led to an effort by Warner Brothers Studio to find him a better home. Donations from the studio and Craig McCawled to the establishment of the Free Willy-Keiko Foundation in February 1995' (Wikipedia)
The desire to return Keiko to his natural habitat was very strong. Donations from foundation and thousands of school children came to be $7 million. Children loved Keiko - collected money, draw pictures. Keiko grabbed the hearts of millions. But not everybody was kindly predisposed to Keiko.
The Norwegian Steinar Bastesen (pro-whaling politician) hit international news  with his outrages
suggestion that "Keiko should instead be killed and the meat sent to Africa as foreign aid." (Wikipedia)
There were numerous problems and setbacks.
 Finally in August 2002 Keiko departed Icelandic waters and in the next 15 month traveled 900 miles with number of different pods of wild orcas. 
Over his years in captivity Keiko enjoyed human companionship and with some he formed bond, that he failed to form with groups of wild whales. Never totally integrated he follow whale pods with the distance
of 100-300 meters.
Keiko died from pneumonia at the age of 26 on December 12 in 2003 at Taknes BayNorway.
Close to city Halsa, Norway memorial was erected honoring his legacy, that is still visited by thousands of tourists.
Keiko is consider to be an ambassador for all wild whales kept in captivity.
weight 3,500 kg, that is 7,720 pounds
Keiko orca brought joy to millions. But one has to ask if his premature death was not partially connected to displacement and separation from his natural habitat. Was his enclosure life in
captivity, performances, travels, bonding with human instead of his own were not factors in his
weaken immune system culminated in premature death?
At the YouTube one can see videos about 43 year old orca, so death at 26 is relatively young.
Well known USA actor Pierce Bronson on one of the YouTube video speaks passionately 
for whales.
This is the example, when for our own fun, we twist and damage the life around.

LOLITA orca needs YOUR HELP!

photo credit: morouxshi
NEED FOR SIGNING THIS PETITION"Free Lolita! Help this wild orca trapped in a tiny concrete tank for decades.
The petition was started by;

Lolita the orca was captured off the coast of Washington decades ago for the entertainment industry and continues to spend her miserable days in a concrete tank at Miami Seaquarium. She was about four years old when she was taken ... her family... still there -- including her mother! We have a chance to reunite them so Lolita may live... in a peaceful and loving coastal sanctuary... so please sign this petition asking the Miami Seaquarium and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA) to free Lolita!
... she has space less than 60 x 80 feet. The confinement is so stressful and abysmal that the only other orca at Miami Seaquarium years ago repeatedly smashed his head into the walls of the tank and killed himself.
... Lolita, has no company of other orcas and animal experts say she’s exhibiting signs of psychological trauma. 
...National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) ...decide on Lolita’s status under the Endangered Species Act in 2015. The Pacific Northwest’s Southern Resident orcas are already covered under the Endangered Species ...Lolita... was taken from this community.
Miami Seaquarium newer owners, Palace Entertainment
We’re organizing the largest march in history for Lolita on January 17 in Miami.Please sign and share so we can present your signature... Lolita... suffered decades and each signature will bring her one step closer to freedom."

Living in such small tank for such intelligent animal as wild orca will result in SHORTENING HER LIFE SPAN.
Is it not wonderful to be able to see Animals close up, and maybe to see it doing various tricks?
YES, the feeling is wonderful, trilling...that is until the moment we realize that animal do not share our emotions - deprived of the benefits and beauty of its own natural habitat,company of its own species can not be happy life. With orca high intelligence concrete is mentally boring, tortures entrapment. On ocean floor with no borders animals communicate one with another miles away. That contact  is vital , but only a part of real animal's needs. We can not satisfy THE NEEDS  by keeping it imprisoned.



                                                                 THANK YOU
From our friends from YouTube
HSUS channel  (story of another whale)

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