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Getting involved or not!

On my YouTube (Ed Lorens YouTube) one of my channels I call "Let's Talk". 
 I beg your attention here, also. I feel like 'talking'. 
There is a disturbing trend that I observed.

Too many people live their lives in passivity. Simply accepting what it is, how it is,
solely concentrating their lives around they own personal issues. The way we live and in
what we believe affects all of us. Often there is something we don't like, even hate, but
still we allow days, months, years to pass, holding pain and grudge of unfairness, injustice,
lack, problems - but we do nothing about that. Pain is eating us up, we feel hopeless and
still we allow time to pass without acting.
Why? Is it a resignation brought from feeling of inability to change the outcome? Uncaring?
Just indulge yourself to the fullness with the pleasures that life offers, and to 'hell' with
everything else? Considering oneself to busy to get involved or to think beyond our 
immediate needs? Scared, or something like ' Oh, Yea...I know this is a good cause, 
but I don't want/need to be bother with it?  Maybe is a combination of the above and 
some other aspects.

We don't have to live life like that. All what it takes is to learn to speak and to be heard.
We have a power to change the world around us for better.
Alone is difficult, often impossible. Alone you, I - do not count for much. We get voice
by joining the group of similarly minded individuals. Not alone, but in group we get voice
and strength. 

Below is the picture of my father. My father, highly educated man, a very
loving family man, that I adored, often fought with Russians (at that time ZSRR,
Soviet Union) to obtain the most desirable contracts for the country that he loved - Poland.
I heard that some Russian's that he deal with called him 'Prince of Courage',
 as it was difficult in communism to stand up to the one in power. But my father
would never sell Poland short.
Poland as the country, was always leader in freedom movement, e.g. against the germans
occupation or communism.

1. On the left - Lech Walesa
Leader of  Solidarity
President of Poland (years.1990-1995)
Nobel Laureate
On the right - my father
Marian Weglarz,phd
(May 28, 1928 - February 3, 1997)
Look at the man standing right to my father in the picture.
Yes! This is Lech Walesa (before he became the president of Poland), when my father,
as a head of Technology Institute invited him to come and  address employees about
freedom movement of undercover labor union Solidarity.
Lech Walesa was the men in lead of  the movement for freedom, anti-communist fighters  - Solidarity.  It started with the group of people dissatisfied with what it was -
- the final result - abolishment of hated communism first in Poland, than in number of other countries(*). Lech Walesa and Solidarity movement literally changed the map of the world
and lives for better of millions. Literally. But how does it started? It started in city of
 Gdansk, Poland by group of people,dissatisfied with existing situation, not afraid
 and willing to get involved.

let us take a look at another example.
The black man, born to no privilege, but with his Harvard education could have a 'dream'
lawyer position. Instead he dedicated himself to the cause. He got involved and employed
his services for the betterment of poor of Chicago. You know where this led him?
Yes, that right! To the presidency! Barack Hussein Obama the first black president
Of  US.  As a president he brought relief and life improvements to great number of
 underprivileged and middle class.

Official photographic portrait of US President...
2. Official photographic portrait of US President Barack Obama (born 4 August 1961; assumed office 20 January 2009) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


 Displaying the same attitudes, President Obama, half brother George Obama
in the ghettos of Nairobi, Kenya, under the auspices of the Huruma Centre
Community Youth Group and The Mwelu Foundation works with poorest of the poor
youngsters to build  their pride, self esteem and self reliance.

3. Soccer team Obama's Champ
George Obama found sponsors
to buy the team their first uniforms and boots.
 Among others
endeavours he created and managed
a very successful soccer team "Obama's Champs"

In year 2010 he also author the book
with collaboration of Damien Lewis
(photo on left from George Obama's Book).

4. George Obama
Half brother of President of US

5. Book published in the year 2010
by half brother of President Barack Obama,
George Obama, who with dedication
works in ghetto of Nairobi, Kenya,
to bring hope and better future of
Huruma's youth (*)
These people were not afraid to get involved.
All what it takes is seeing the issue, desire to address the need, problem, having the cause,
having the single minded burning passion, and not to be afraid to get involved.

But you might say:"Yea, there are a lot of things that I would want to see changed, but...
I don't know 'How' and I have family, work, I simply do not have the time".
The 'How' and means to achieve surfaces better in the group.
You gain more respect from friends and family - you'll make them proud for your
ability to stand for issue or cause.
The time? Ah!  
This is mine reality and reality of many - lack of time.
There is still the way you and I can help. 
We can be 'a support' to the organization of our choice. 

By joining any organization, you announce to the world, that where you stand, that is 
what you support, who you are -  that what you want. 
You define yourself by organization you join in and support you give. Your voice is being multiplied by numbers of all the 
members of that organization and it counts. You no longer alone, by joining you get voice and status.  
You might find obstacles in joining country club (that takes money too), or this or that association. 
That is never the case with non profit. Irregardless of your education, position, status in
life you're always welcome, happily invited to join by non profits. What does it take?
Only agreement, support of mutual causes and some pocket change.
With that spare, few dollars for membership one can became a partner of powerful
movement for good.
With Humane Society of America you can become a Humane Hero.
I am marked as Field Member with Doctors Without Borders and Partner in Protection
with ALDF (Animal Legal Defense Fund). Among other things I am a member of
League of Conservationist Voters (watchers for environmental issues to preserve Earth
beauty and resources).
In exchange for my membership I am receiving updates, literature, and
invitation to numerous conferences. I can learn and address my problems through them.
Always welcomed warmly with respect as somebody that  Belongs, that is part of the
group and not an outsider.

Work to improve your life, by improving the lives of others.
Don't stay passive.


*Abolishment of communism was initiated in Poland by Union Trade Solidarity established
(31 August 1980) under leadership of Lech Walesa.
21 September 1981 - Lech Walesa was elected chairman of Solidarity.
February 6, 1989  - first official negotiation began between the Polish Government and
Solidarity. The same year August 24 Poland got first non communist Prime Minister-
- Tadeusz Mazowiecki.
Also the same year of  1989  after first communism fall in Poland,  Hungary followed, then
E. Germany, Chechoslovakia, and Romania. That period is know under the name 'Autumn of Nation'.
In the year of 1991 - 15 countries that previously were part of Soviet Union, declared
independence after Soviet Union fall.
1990-1995  - Lech Walesa  was  President of Poland.

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#1 Lech Walesa with my father, Marian Weglarz, phd.
That photo is one from my private collection. I am an owner of this photo.
It was made on my father request, belonged to him and my father and
then my family gave it to me the rights of ownership. This photo was never
published before.
Here, I am publishing now reserving all the rights of ownership.
I like Wikipedia to have it. I am giving permission to be used freely under two
conditions: with attributions to me and no editing. Thank you.

# 3, #4, #5 - from George Hussein Obama's book 'Homeland' under the
fair share clause. The book is in my possession. I found it fascinating and 'good reading'.
Thank you.

Book "Homeland, An Extraordinary Story of Hope and Survival'
Author: George Hussein Obama with Damien Lewis
Published " 2010, by Simon & Schuster
The book is true story told by George H. Obama about his life
and life in ghettos of Kenya.
George Obama in the course of the book, recalls that he met Barack Obama
briefly, twice, when Barack Obama was still senator  (before taking presidency) when
he was visiting his family in Kenya - one time with his wife. George Obama spoke
about his half brother with great respect, warmth and fondness.
Damien lewis: reports from Africa for more then 20 years for e.g. BBC, CNN
co-author numerous books e.g 'Slave: My True Story' with Mende Nazer

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