Saturday, April 25, 2015


I am giving you one of my poem. Written for my MOTHER, that departed on January 13, 2015.
My dearest friend and the biggest love of my life along with my father.I still have sister with her family, that I deeply love. This poem is on from collection of poetry that I wrote:
"MY ANGEL- POETRY FOR MY MOTHER". My Mother is my Angel.
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1. Please, view it on my YouTube channel and leave comment.

It says 'My Edited Video' because so many times I am trying to correct YouTube mistake that displays my love poetry for my mother with ridiculous music. The music should be ambient. Here is too load.
But still is improvement over some that I never marked, just checking and ended up as part of my video Please let me now if you notice something wrong with my production I observed YouTube multiplying my videos, but not the way I intended. .Sorry.

My production. Standard YouTube copyright license.
As part of my inheritance from my mother, my sister and my family gave me all the family photos
(over 10,000) to use in any way I choose. I am very grateful to my sister and family for their generosity. As it is all family photos are now legally mine,  Mine copyrights. Some I will share for
free use by public, but  many not.My heart wants to share, but every photo given to me is very precious, this is the only physical inheritance that I accepted and I can not allow
disrespectful reuse.Many photos are from all over the world, very interesting, beautiful. I am very
lucky having such most wonderful, loving family. I thank God for them.

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