Saturday, April 25, 2015


Loving my MOTHER, missing her. What can I say...there is a pain, stays with me during the day, lean on my chest while I sleep. I know she passed away, but somehow she is present. Except I can't touch her, or talk to her or..My two other poems from "My Angel-Poetry For Mother' - edited and corrected. Thanks for watching.

It is one of my poems from "My Angel-Poetry for Mother"
Thanks for reading and sharing my grief.
ed lorens YouTube

Somehow there are many copies of my poems on YouTube. But at times the music with my poems, got there not as my choice, but by some error, hard to correct. If you notice something wrong, please,
kindly let me know. Corrections are not easy to make. I tried to delete some all together. Here also I got problems. Still I want to know if you find something amiss.

All my work. Photos all my own, copyrighted, mostly given to me as my inheritance by my dearest
sister and family. Legally mine. Standard YouTube copyright license.

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