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From this....

 to this...

...if only...
Just think...You either want to or have to, but you're going on the trip.
So, in times like that what are you thinking about? Of course, trip.
You plan the trip. All your thoughts and actions are
around preparation for the trip. The trip holds and directs your thoughts.
More if it is an emergency, unplanned. In your mind you already living, being
in the place wherever the trip is going to take you.

Of course, you might remember to inform postmaster to hold your mail,
take care of your current bills and secure home... but so many things
are tend to be put away...for later...when you come back ...from the trip.
The trip momentarily takes over your life and that were you invest
all your energy.
The problems will multiply if you do not have family or friend living near by.
No matter how much you're trying to prepare yourself for the trip,
there always will be something that you overlooked, forgot, couldn't handle
or simple could not for see.

You seldom can anticipate all unexpected, unpleasant surprises that can
surface, shock you, take your breath away when you come back home.

Just to give you the small idea what to expect upon return,
let me share with you:
- 3 years ago when I returned from 4 weeks vacation,
  I found my kitchen to be taken over by mice.
- 2 years ago carpenters ants call my kitchen their home.
- This year a very small black flies with delicate wings,
small, quite pretty, very annoying flying insects,
fall in love with my kitchen.
Seems like when I am absent my kitchen is the favor place
for all undesirable wild animal life. They come for visit and then:
multiply and party.
But that not the end of surprises.
Take a look what happens to my outdoor space.
In the short time, when I was away my
green space turned into...
                                jungle of weeds.
Go ahead take a look. In 3.06 minutes you can learn how the trip in the rainy
season can transform your backyard . OK so, my back yard
was a project to begin with. The remodeling, renovations, changes
whatever one can call it were going on throughout my whole house.
All done at the spare time and on shoestring.
Since my refrigerater was to big to fit in its designated place, I had to move it.
In the original place I constructed full pantry pride, that opens up with regular doors.
OK that was a success. I gained lot of extra storage with shelving and roomy space
for two tall garbage cans (household recycle bins). To the back of the door I added
narrow, wire shelving for soup cans and miscellaneous items. The animal in me-
- hamster  make me do it. As typical woman everyplace I want shelves, drawers,
closets and more storage. Never is enough. If I would design house most of the walls
would be closets with sliding doors of various depth inside.
From painting, some new kitchen cabinets, installation of new kitchen sink, appliances,
above stove hood, lighting, stucco ceiling in my enclosed patio
and the list go on and on - there was no single space inside the house and outside,
that I did not attempt to change and bring up to date, modernize, according
to my taste and pocket. My master bedroom got double mirror closet.
My garage, laundry room - some new cabinets and shelving.
Was everything done to my satisfaction? No. But it was and is work in progress.
I replaced old asphalt driveway with solid concrete.

In the yard I spent endless hours to eliminate grass from front yard and to create
low water usage green space with colorful creeping ground cover.


I created
focal point of interest with planting flower blooming
small shrubs and I brought roses. Lot of roses.
All specially selected after long search, I bought bare root
plants by mail order. With that I am very pleased.
In addition to two climbing roses against
my house, I planted along my newly installed iron fence
nine very beautiful red climbers called Red Rhode Island Roses. There are vigorous fast
growers, low maintenance,
that after first year are having huge, red beautiful shaped, long lasting flowers, very
fragrant on long strong, thick steams. I am extremely happy with them.


After reading
and more reading and educating myself, partially by using chemicals, then by hand I get
rid off front yard grass, dropped 2 inches thick pile of
newspaper and topped it with steer manure and cover
it with shredded wood.  Shredded wood was free from
cutting/trimming my two huge mulberry trees that were
hanging too low over my roof and overreaching  my neighbor's property.
All that in order to prevent weeds, lower need for watering, encourage earth worms and
to create an attractive alternative to no grass front yard.
Year later I can say I was quite successful  in creating attractive design.
But...when I returned home from trip, the sight of my front yard was mildly putting
Thick, one foot tall weeds - everywhere. I was ready to cry. I was ready to hug my
handyman turned gardened who agreed and pulled out all the forest of weeds in front.
Newspaper as weed's barrier worked only partially.
But then this project was still not finished, before I went away.
Besides installing overground sprinklers I still thought about putting weed barrier
fabric and colorful store bought shredded wood that I already purchased.
It seems like work never ends.
In my backyard my persimmon, fig, avocado trees, number of  other colorful
flowery shrubs planted by me survived. But my passion fruit vine  got something and my
lemon tree's leaves curling up - visibly sick. The worths damage is not in plants that grows up,
but the ones growing low to the ground.  The areas from which I previously removed grass with intention of creating romantic walkways, now have thick, tall grass and weeds everyplace.
See below! I gave you a preview!

 Now, it's time to see more details.
Take a look! That is If you dare!

Presenting : My back yard, after I returned from trip.


Since you saw that slide show, please tell me, are you trembling,
shaking with disgust? Crying with compassion for me and the work
that's awaits me? Or are you laughing, happy that these nasty work
is not going to be part of your day in the next...what?...week? ...month?
The way things going - I think months!
But now, are you contemplating taking a trip? If so, than think... and think again.
Do you really have to go and leave your sweet beautiful home to invasion of
unwelcome animal life? Will you be ready for the scary sight of your garden?
Are you prepared to face new challenges, take extra work in free time instead
of 'dinner and a movie'? Think twice and then think again.

Specially if, when going on trip and you got absolutely nobody to take care
of your property during your absence...
Beware! Think, after the trip what awaits for you...get ready...remember,
you might have to...roll your sleeves and... just don't say I did not warn you...
your garden number one enemy...weeds...will be there...growing, multiplying,
and more growing -  when you're away.

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