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GOOGLE KWACK - about Google, Dr. Eric Schmidt, Larry Page, Sergey Brin, money and abused animals.


I created a new short video. It's a comedy  that I love to share with you.
It's about our Google, but on a little funny side.
To the humor I added some valuable information about Google and his employees.
Walmart gives job to 1% of Americans, but is far behind being an model employer.

Google excels in creating atmosphere for achievement for his employees. The benefits
include access to saunas, massage, bowling alley. Googlers (as the employees
are called) travel around the Googleplex on provided for them bicycles, painted,
of course, in Google colors.  
In video I quote Dr. Eric Schmidt who since March 2001 was CEO with Google
and still is on the Board of Directors, along with founder and CEO Larry Page and
co-founder Sergey Brin and some others. Everybody knows about me having preferential
fondness for Larry. Now more then 9 million people are following him on Google+ but,
lately he is never there. Also he is absent from his YouTube channel. There he never did
much. He is dearly missed.
English: Left to right, Eric E. Schmidt, Serge...
English: Left to right, Eric E. Schmidt, Sergey Brin and Larry Page of Google Polski: Od lewej do prawej: Eric E. Schmidt, Sergey Brin i Larry Page z firmy Google (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When after interviewing Dr. Eric Schmidt in the year 2001 and hiring him, Dr. Eric Schmidt  was still involved with Apple.  Due to the conflict of interest Dr. Eric Schmidt quick Apple and brought all his strength to Google. That was an excellent move for us that love Google.
At the beginning his salary was something like $250,000, and that grow to be well over $500,000 within few years. However, his financial fortitude was not in the salary, but in receiving substantial Google shares as a first person that was not founder or relative of the Google founders.
Google founder and CEO
Larry Page
wearing Google Glass
In the same time Larry Page and
Sergey Brin yearly salary was only
$150,000 each.
Later they all lower it to only
$1.oo/per month, since the income
from shares, etc, was more then
sufficient. For example:
Dr. Eric Schmidt is #138 the world
richest person with currently
estimated value in 2015 as well
over  $9 billion.
 At the time he stepped down as
Google CEO, he received additionally
$100 million from Google compensation.
He still is on the Google Board and
personal adviser.
Dr. Eric Schmidt has variety of interests.
In his younger years (presently he is 60 years old,born in year 1955) first he
study architecture, before switching to engineering. He gained recognition as a runner.
He has extensive art collection. Few years back he got divorced (he was married for
something like over 30 years) and dated on and off. He got two daughters.
I noticed that Google top heads all have private non profit foundations that favors
clean energy,climate, technology and poverty.                                      
We all remember Google and Larry Page contributions toward Ebola and the matching
dollar for dollar.
Co-founder of Google, friend of Larry Page since Stanford
Sergey Brin
wearing Google Glass
Google Glass was a pet project of Sergey Brin (in Google X bldg.) 

That's all very admirable, but in
my heart I wish that they would
also give some support to needs
of animals.
Help to fight senseless killing and
abuse and to help improve situation
of animals in farm factories
-all those animals that are food
designated or being used in fur
Just yesterday I saw video how
we obtain angora wool.
In my gullibility I thought, that it
comes by combing the angora coat.
Since yesterday, after seeing that
video I am still physically shaking,
crying and feel my stomach on and
off acting up. The horrible way they pull the fur by grabbing in fist and tearing forcefully
from the poor angora rabbit shook me off.  Now, again I am crying. Sorry.
That little,helpless rabbit's cries of pain will stay with me indefinitely.
Afterward that rabbit could not even stand well on his feet, his whole body raw, red and
There is strong need to teach children from the youth compassion and empathy
- love for humans and animals. The most treasured quality that human might posses is
a good, loving heart. That would make for a good husband/wife or neighbor. Shouldn't
we teach ethics and compassion in schools?
I am grateful for such organizations as Animals Legal Defense Fund
or The Humane Farming Association. PETA might be occasionally too much
exhibitionist, or just too frustrated, but still they are right when they say "NO FURS".

So, when I was reading up on Google's royalty I was keep on looking for something
that would tell me that they actively give support to causes of animals. I did not find
up to now, anything of value in this aspect. I know that Google is dog place (one time
Larry said that) and the dogs are welcome there.
But they are the powers and the leaders. For them taking stand and give support for
animals would be significant.
They are like I am, democrats. Dr. Eric Schmidt held significant functions in
President Obama election and still is serving in the advisory capacity.
If people like that, with such a power and great reach would get involved somehow
in animal's welfare, I m sure we would observe an improvement in the animals
treatment and life.
But that not up to me. I am just a dreamer, that wants goodness and fairness with no
prejudice for all. That is including animals. Finally, Google stands strong on equality
welcoming,for example homosexuals into his ranks.
In the short video that I made for my YouTube I do not talk about that issues that I
brought to your attention here. Instead, I kept it light with humor, occasional joke,
so that can be called a family entertainment, good also for kids.
Please, watch my video. I welcome comments, thumb up
and of course, subscriptions.



Thank You.
Stay well
and say NO to FURS.
Many animals are tortured and skinned alive.
And why should one want to wear something that is death?
The time is pass when Google " Do no evil" was sufficient.
Now, important is to look for good and DO GOOD.
Without goodness, there can't be beauty.
Google desire to connect the distant land by Internet.
But for what purpose?
Isn't it to share resources, help, knowledge and beauty?
Connect hearts, Google, by being good. You can't be good if you're passive.
Help animals. By helping animals, you''ll be helping people to stay good. Thank you, Google.

Please, be my HERO!

Eva Lorens
Ed Lorens YouTube


Wikipedia - various pages including 'About'
I also, used Zemanta, that is app for blogger, that I got free form Google.
The very first photo here, were all three heads of Google
are together are from them. Thank you.  

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