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I'll go directly to the point. I spotted something on Internet, that I found discomforting.
And here it is. Direct quotation:

"Hyperconverged Infrastructure for Dummies

Hyperconvergence is the ultimate in an overall trend of convergence that has hit the market in recent years. Convergence is intended to bring simplicity to increasingly complex data centers.

At the highest level, hyperconvergence is a way to enable cloud-like economics and scale without compromising the performance, reliability, and availability you expect in your own data center."

Did you noticed that this article was for Dummies?
That's all what I read. Enough! That language! Ah!
Did I understood what was said? Hmm, somehow, maybe .. a little...that is after
the fog cleared out.  I was going to leave that site, possibly aged a little, but without making public comment if not for the two things observed. The 'Dummies' and there was another  word used that chained me to this article. That's correct - one 'word'.  That word normally is so pretty that shines. But here in this article among the hyperconvergence and convergence, that sweet word became the farce.
So , I decided to speak for that 'word', fight for it if necessary ... and campaign, of course.
Can you guess what was the 'word' used above that pricked my skin? O.K. Time up.
The word is 'simplicity'. The gentleman who wrote that article, in the above blabber shop talk  he used that word... and I felt like a pickle or something else....marinated. hello? I felt like shouting: "Please, do not use the word simplicity in connection with the statement that has everything BUT that."
The simple words are not ugly or dirty, and clarity of speech is very important... that the whole point of not just talking but communicating.
The word converge means to approach, to meet... convergence- coming together.
So, when somebody talks about approaching, coming together, I can hear/read that and not perspire.
There is a delicate balance, sometimes maybe on intuitive level, that generally guides how many
so called long  or uncommon words we can put together and not obscure the meaning.
In addition, here in our huge internet community with number of people not having
a great command of English language  shouldn't we not be more considerate?
Stop and think. Do we want to attract the friends or chase away!
And that is the source of my discomfort with this article. The publisher promotes his web book in
this article as instructions for...dummies. Come On? Get real!
  "Hyperconverged Infrastructure for Dummies"  What's wrong with that statement?
Can you see it? And then the author talks about ...simplicity!
 Soonest I finished reading that article I got swinging impressions in my head about the author.
Instead of the convergence and hyperconvergence and complex data center... I was wondering
if that bro at his writing was sitting in the chair, arm chair, sofa or maybe on HIGH stool...were his legs reaching the ground?

 Maybe you think I am too harsh. Maybe. I don't know.
I admit, I do have occasionally a problem.
Just to give you an idea, I'll tell you what happened to me recently.
My friend ask me:
"What did you do, today?"
I wonder, how is this that I always inspire in people questions like that!
How many times you hear questions like that addressed to you? How many?
I bet, you thought , that it was nice. Nothing to it. Right?
Here is the catch.
Hearing my friend guarded voice, and seeing my friend looking at me sideways,
I knew instantly that it was not "How are you?" question or 'tell me something beautiful'.
No! No way! Nobody expect from me 'beautiful'!
It was more like, my friend wanted to know how many people I met,
today, that walk away from me without limping...or a cast.
 Are we still on 'nice'?
 I face situations like that everyday.
When somebody ask me "How are you ?" he really means:
"Did you leave anybody wounded today?'
Simple like that . Inquisitive mind wants to know!
Forget it. I ain't telling.
But maybe, the author of the article mentioned should offer as a bonus a free dictionary and online stand by assistance.
As I am writing this, just now, I hear a load voice on the speaker:
-Enough! Stop reloading the same page...and being nasty...!
-O.K. I can always come back to this one later.
-NO! YOU CAN'T! Today internet closes early. Doors lack, lights go off.
-I never heard about that before...
-Whenever you decide to write article, internet needs extra long rest.
-Don't tell me it's me!
-No, of course just your sweet talk that..
-I'll be nice. you'll see.
Strange, I had actually conversation with somebody on the speaker!
But O.K. I try nice. That will be a novelty.
The author of the above article, I am sure knows what he is talking about, is passionate
about it and wants to share. That has value. Strong value.
(Ha! I did it! I was nice and honest statement!)
The beauty, creativity  on YouTube,  blogger, whole Google and web is so overwhelming so much that I am humbled by it.
There are so many tutorials on the internet. Many, many great.
Some are in love with giving tutorials, like Google. However Google do not give cooking tutorials
 but strictly pertaining to web.
You know Google.
He really wants to educate us.
If you go to check the Google tutorial- BEWARE!-there are two types of tutorials that
Google gives. All of them are called articles,even the one with just two statements.
So short that evaluation part for that article takes more space on screen then article itself.
But number of the tutorials are a  package deal- a bundle.
When you sign for Google tutorials
-think what are you going be missing!

Google are so happy that finally you stepped into his classroom, that he'll
keep you there for time indefinite..You got to understand Google got 40 thousand awesome!
Correction in 2015 -55,419. That's a lot of employees. Everyone of them happy to write TUTORIALS...just for you and me.
That's right. All Google employees. All awesome. They will go long way to make you awesome too,irregardless if you want to or not. They are very determined awesome. You go to one of their classes, you'll find five buttons to sign you for other classes. Do you have time for that?
Before you'll finish your kindergarten kid will be enrolled in college, your little girl'll start
dating sophomore and your wife might change her last name.
I rather be doing this
instead of taking

If you ready for the challenge, then I say go for it. Just be warned that seasons will change
and you still will be in one of Google classroom.  They're really in depth.
Are they any good? Of course- they  are. Not always on the subject of your current research
or need, but still good.
They are also Google tutorials, like the one I just took. It was very brief. My article/draft, ready for publication needed only two more pictures. You might say simple-no biggie!
Oh! You gullible little poor fellow! Once, long time ago I was just like you.
Do not trust! Repeat ! Do not be compliant! Evil is everywhere and in the blogger we got a special one just waiting to snatch and destroy your precious article.  You end up in virtual asylum.
When I returned to my side with that two extra pictures, my draft was GONE. THAT'S RIGHT - IT DISAPPEARED!
No reason, no explanation, not even short note saying "Goodbye".
Of course, I went, like times before, when that happened in search for tutorials and any help to recover. All in before..
Google tutorials on this subject are in the category -  of one minute tutorial, nice to see you,
but not working information. I think that this tutorial was written before World War I,(when our pages looked differently) and  now published.

Unfortunately, this instructions did not work for me.
My page looks different
 Was I angry? It might come later. I am actually quite nice, even if nobody notice that.
At the moment I am still too stunned, unable to feel anything. I guess this is just part of my
topsy- turve life with Google.  I just keep on repeating to myself that I ended up in another
classroom - this one of humility, endurance and patience. Google is playing with me.
I turn into one of those
with Google tutorials

In this classroom I am already for over half century and still I have long way to graduating.
You 're signing for  bundle, you're going be gone, far away in the tutorial world for the very, very long time. Please, prepare yourself. Lack the house, take care of the bills and all other essentials-  you'll be going for long trip.

The knowledge here floating around us is vast.
Most of the tutorial publishers are on the personal level sweet, wonderful people.  Honestly! Awesome and more awesome.
No joke intended. Still too many times, after straining myself  checking and listening to the tutorials in regards to technical problems I quickly look for the exit. Why? I came with intention to learn, so why I am  stir to 'exit' and not staying? I found out that majority giving tutorials or writing articles DO have the knowledge! Problem is that they have knowledge, but NOT ABILITY TO TEACH...they're not 'born' teachers.  But that is still O.K.
I do not mean, they should stop attempting to give tutorials , or all around teaching in one form
or the other. I am trying to gently suggest, maybe such home grown lecturer should use more check points, be more aware of personal shortcomings and try to compensate for that. There is a need to put the self loving mirror away for a moment and take a critical, honest evaluation of ones ability.
Do not stop teaching. We need you! I want to hear, listen, read your words and learn. Your knowledge is a VALUE, that needs to be shared. Just, please think how you share it. If you on
YouTube, do you have heavy accent, too soft, or too high pitch voice? If so you do not have to stop talking, but in addition use more of other available tools, like drawings, diagrams, going slowly, giving a time for the one wanting to learn. Doing review at the end could be a useful tactic. Try to minimize the nervous ticks, distracting habits of the too much hand motion and running too fast and all over with your mouse on the screen. Be prepared and make sure that your every move leads to the next point.
Stay with us, teach us, but please consider you methods.

Here in the internet we constantly face so many educators, lectures that instead of the using the
language that essence could be grasped without pause, one feels like temporary stuck in the mud.

Then the light flashed in my brain, which do not happens often, that maybe, just maybe, I should write my own web book for all those academics and the ones sitting on the high stools, converging and hyperconverging to share the knowledge, information, teach for understanding, and not the pleasure of ability of using long words....not for clicks and not going on the stage for personal shine...yes, that is an idea..of course, the book for 'highly educated' 'academics'...I would call my book ... I got it...instructions for dummies...
This is it.
Suddenly my doors were pushed, and I see some kind of Webmaster or Internet Master in the
serious toga, standing there and breathing hard:
-Lights off! Switch off the lights to Internet! Delete! Delete!
 The hyperconvergence and convergence is waiting for's about your personal
 infrastructure...You almost was doing O.K. for a while, but no, can't hold yourself back from sticking the needle...pins and needles belong to the pincushion...not on the beautiful web...the emergency room is already, fighting on the streets...and what's with you and... the hammer...this is not a Google tool.
Now, please come now! the Google awesome, the thousands, are waiting for you...
with's a bundle..

I am surroundedI want to hide in my slipper. I shrink. I think - I'll fit.

Thank you.
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All photos are mine oneshot is of the tutorials that I really liked. Others photos are my own
property gifted to me by my sister and family as my  inheritance after my mother.
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