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English: TAC_Brain_tumor_glioblastoma-Coronal_...
Inglese: TAC_Brain_tumor_glioblastoma-Coronal_plane Italian: Image TAC area of the brain, identifying a type of tumor glioblastoma (Photo credit: Wikipedia )

 Year 1973

This was a year when  George Steinbrenner III bought Yankees
from CBS for $12 million,
UCLA's basketball team won 61st consecutive game
 (NCAA record) and Monte Irvin was elected to baseball
Hall of Fame.
This was a year when Triple Crown horse Secretariat was sold for a record $5.7million... Stevie Wonder spent 4 days in a coma after the car crash....  America held funeral service for LC William Nolde, last US soldier killed in Vietnam War..October 26 -first tapes released of Watergate scandal...
English: A photo of the Watergate Complex take...
English: A photo of the Watergate Complex taken from a
DC-9-80 inbound to Washington National Airport on
January 8, 2006. (Photo credit: 
 US President Nixon signed  Endangered Species Act into law and Gerald Ford became 1st unelected Vice President. This is a year...

Just one year before
 4 1/2-year-old little Stephanie, a sweet young girl that loved dancing, skating, swimming was diagnosed with a brain
In spite of a surgery,  radiation and a short period of relatively 'normal' life, two weeks after her seventh birthday, she passed away in 1974. Her mother was  Susan Netchin Kramer.

1. Stephanie - 7 years old brain tumor victim


 Then there was  another little girl, Micki Rae Shanoff, whose
mother   Linda Gene Goldstein described the day of her birth in the year 1966 as 'magical Sunday' -died also from a brain tumor,  when she was only 6 years old.
Linda said that: 

  "...Micki Rae loved go-go boots, warm jammies, patent leather shoes, frilly dresses ... and anything that was, purple. Of course, she loved her dolls and two story doll  house."
Then Linda added:
"She loved “Sesame Street,” “The Mary Tyler Moore Show,” “The Brady Bunch,” ... ice skating ...crawling in bed with me on Friday nights (Daddy’s night out) with a pizza ...

2. Micki Rae - 6 years old brain tumor victim

As you can see a little girl was very, very busy liking and loving the world around her.

There are many who plans the birth. But who can determine when is the time to die?
Whatever one might think, never that young. In a case of Micki Rae first, she complained
that she sees double, then was diagnosed with 'lazy eye.' but exploratory surgery revealed that she had a glioblastoma multiform with only 4- 6 month to live.
 Most of that time, mother and daughter spent in the hospital.

That two short lives, mostly happy, full of kids type activities and joy, that is when 'not put on hold back' by the sickness, gave a foundation, more - were inspiration for the two mothers
 to create a unique, much-needed organization that up to that
 time did not exist.
The organization whose mission would be:
"... to advance the understanding and treatment of brain tumors with the goals of improving,
extending and, ultimately, saving the lives of those impacted by a brain tumor diagnosis..."

That was the year 1973**...
The two mothers of brain tumor victims, Susan Netchin Kramer and Linda Gene Goldstein, 
in 1973 created first of its kind non-profit Chicago based organization called, at the beginning
the Micki Rae Shanoff  Foundation for Brain Tumor Research.
Later the name was changed to
American Brain Tumor Association ( ABTA).
40+ years later, ABTA grew, flourished, expanded and now, we have more organizations joined in research, care, support, but in spite of all the human's efforts, the mortality is high especially for children.In children and young people under the age of 20, after leukemia, the brain tumor is second leading cause of death in America.
This year alone we can expect another 4,600 youth under age 19 to be diagnosed with a brain tumor that statistically in the youngster is more deadly for male than female.
This year almost 70,000 new cases of primary brain tumor are going to be diagnosed with one of 120 types of known brain tumors.
Generally speaking in USA brain tumor is rather rare - only 1.4% of all other types of cancers.
1/3rd of the victims of brain tumor has chances of surviving for more than 5 years
 (National Cancer Institute)..
 The most common primary brain tumor. is Meningiomas (34% of all primary brain tumors)
- 80% of all malignant tumors are under the broad generic name called Gliomas
( all tumors arising from the gluey or supportive tissue of the brain).
34% that is the majority of primary tumors are located within the meninges part of the brain.

Glioblastomas (very aggressive type) in patients aged 20-44 have a five-year
survival rate of 17% and only a 4% rate in patients aged 55-64
( Charles Patrick Davis, MD, Ph.D.).
Primary brain tumors are rarer than metastatic tumors, that originates someplace else in the body.

We are so far away from 1973 when first time ABTA stepped in and we still are in dark as to the causes of the brain tumor.
We know some possible and contributing factors,
but not positive and primary. We know that heritage could be the possibility and environmental, life style like smoking could be contributing.
But it is believed that exposure to chemicals,
or to a type of radiation called ionizing radiation,
that damages DNA can be contributing factor in developing a brain tumor.
On another hand FDA and statistic do not support the popular belief, that brain tumor is caused by cell phones since radio-frequency energy is not known to damage DNA.

In America, presently almost 700,000 people are living with a brain tumor... and from that number 14,000 will die.


3. Beau Biden
son of Vice president Joe Biden
Beau  Biden, the oldest son of Vice President Joe Biden was diagnosed with brain tumor.
First, he had a small lesion on the brain. That was removed successfully,
 but then ...
On May 30, 2015, Beau Biden passed away after a weeklong stay at Walter Reed
 National Military Medical Center,
 He was only 46 years old- leaving behind family:
wife-Hallie, children- Natalie and Hunter and... the father that he loved very much.

4. Beau Biden with family
My sincere condolence goes to his father Vice president Joe Biden and family.
Even before this dear death, Joe Biden personal life was multiple times struck and
 molded by tragedy.

When Joe Biden was only 30 years old man 1972 one week before Christmas...his world as he built was shattered. The car crash claimed the life of his young wife and infant daughter and left two of his sons Beau and Hunter in medically critical condition.
Joe Biden took his senatorial oath from hospital room of his sons.

He worked hard through his anger ...there were a bottle and a lot of doubts - normal human reaction
in such a circumstances....and still, he had commitments to his senatorial job and taking care of his sons.
4 h/per day he commuted by train to work from Wilmington to Washington. Everyday.
He traveled one direction then returned home to be with his  ...sons. Dedication of the father.
I think that during his train trips, Joe Biden had a lot of time to reflect on the events in his life and generally think life through. Possible that these trips, that thought that he nurtured help him to become not only more of the father but a better public servant and patriot.
His son Beau adopted father's patriotism and as a major in
Delaware Army National Guard spent one tour in Iraq
from Oct.2008 to Sept.2009, working as a judge advocate general. During this time Beau Biden
was holding the position of Attorney General of Delaware, since winning it in the election of the year 2006.
He held that position for two terms.
... His real ambition was to become a Delaware Governor in 2016.
5.Father and son
Vice President Joe Biden
with his oldest son
Beau Biden
Beau was well liked, popular ...dedicated family like the character of the hero posture, strongly independent, with masculine courage and determination that all his achievement be his own...earned..not handle down.
But how to win the battle with a brain tumor? Courage...not enough...
The brain tumor can affect anybody, regardless of age, race or gender.  It's a worldwide shared
malady dished with malice and Joe Biden knew somebody else, another senator,
- who died from It.

6.Ted Kennedy with Joe Biden
TED KENNEDY! The men with great legislative skills and political cloud...
Born to privilege, the youngest brother of President John F. Kennedy...
Democratic Senator from Massachusetts,
known as the"Lion of the Senate".
The second longest serving senator since 1962,,,great politician...and shady private life.
 Charismatic and womanizer like all Kennedy's men,  drunkard, that got away only
with tiny suspension for causing the death of young passenger Mary Jo Kopechne in the car that he drove off the bridge (July 18, 1969).
It took him 10 hours to report the accident to Vineyard police. Unforgivable cowardice and action unbecoming for USA Senator.

Biopsy revealed that Senator Kennedy had the malignant glioma tumor of the parietal lobe of his brain-the most aggressive type, called a glioblastoma. Patients with this typeof tumor live no longer than 18 months. Senator Kennedy lived 15 months.

On August 25, 2009, Senator Ted Kennedy passed away at his home in Hyannis Port,
Massachusetts at the age of 77.


I have something in common with Susan Netchin Kramer, Linda  Gene Goldstein Vice President Joe Biden, and thousands of others that lost somebody very dear to the brain tumor.
You see, years ago I lost my father to very evil, fast growing and inoperable, deadly glioblastoma.
My father, Marian Weglarz PH.D., was a wonderful family man,
68 years old when he died two months after the first diagnosis. My father for years suffered from migraine headaches, and he lost sight in one eye. He was on vacation in Peru with my mother
and their grandson, when suddenly he experienced very heavy nose bleeding and half of his body was paralyzed.
In the following nightmarish days became apparent that there is no chance for surgery or recovery.

7..My parents
Mother 13 years old, father - 16

8..The back of my father's photograph
dedicated to my mother
with the deepest love
(damaged by child's hand)

9..My father on the right
-the future president of Poland,
and recipient of Nobel Prize
(Institute of Technology-Warsaw, Poland) 

10.. My father with
polish President Kwasniewski (in the center,
my father on the left)
Institute of Technology- Warsaw, Poland

18 years ago-and I am still missing him dearly, unable to overcome my loss of his advice.., the loving presence of a father  ...the perfect dedicated husband and a friend to his childhood sweetheart since he was 16 years old! Oh! My magnificent father...
Still, there are times when my body shakes with tremors, my heart beat in pain...
I fold my hand, one into the other, trying to keep control over ...I walk around calling his name.
18 years passed and...I am missing him...
I am SO SORRY, for your loss Mr. Vice President!

The year 2015.
Lithuania became the 19th member of the Eurozone...Hillary Clinton announces she will run for the Democratic nominee for US President...400 drown, as the migrant ship carrying
around 550 sinks near Libya...and  less than 50 survivors when the cruise ship carrying 450 people capsized on Yangtze River earthquake in Nepal -8,000 killed and 100,000 are homeless...
...January 13, my mother passed away - the dearest and sweetest best friend...
another friend of mine, faithful, loyal, very loving - dies from complications of diabetics-my dog.

... Picasso's painting 'The Women of Algiers (Version ‘O’)  fetched the record price
 of $179.3 million on auction at Christie's in New York...
....officially India's population reached 1 billion and Astha Arora became India's billionth baby...
...9 deaths, 18 injured, 170 arrested for the organized crime, as the result of the gun fight between rival biker gangs in Waco, Texas...

... The US fined $5.7bn  - some of the largest ever fines ( May 20th) for manipulating currency markets - by 5 major world banks (JPMorgan, Barclays, Citigroup, RBS, and UBS)...
... the very old woman Harriette Thompson aged 92 and 65 days becomes the oldest woman to complete a marathon (in San Diego)...

...personal accomplishments and grief ... world's size failures...greed and intolerance...

Jun 2nd - FIFA President Sepp Blatter in view of allegations
of bribery scandal resigned ... world record for tree planting - 49,672 in 1 hour by 100 volunteers in Bhutan
..B.B. King -Blues, guitarist, song writer dies and  Joseph Lechleider, engineer, inventor
of  DSL/high-speed internet technology- died at 82.

We still have the ugly, barbaric industrialized killings of animals in factory farming... there are evil people that shamelessly are clubbing young seals, others skinning alive, maiming and torturing animals like dogs, cats, angora rabbit for consumptions, furs or just for the entertainment industry. There are shameless ag-gag laws in some states - the cover up, the evil arrogance of humans trying to cover up abuse and
senseless cruelty to animals, violating our rights to know and to transparency.

Are there any animals that we, as people do not abuse, or do not try to take advantage given a chance?
Oh! I got it...dinosaurs..well, yes..but they're dead!
Still Ebola...setbacks and continuous fight, giving help...Doctors Without the Borders (MSF)
in their quarterly magazine "Alert" brought touching story...two pregnant women infected with Ebola after expelling infected fetus - survived!..., the first-time success of this type...
How poor and totally cold would be our world without our charitable, dedicated and non-profits!
...MSF, Mercy Ship, UNICEF...
The millions spent on the wars, fighting...spent on destruction...
Yemen as reported by Doctors Without Borders (MSF) - 1,800+ dead, 1,600 wounded
and treated...and the shortage of meds, clean water, electricity...with every war there is a pain, deaths, rapes, poverty, displacement, homelessness...
Africa knows no rest...Ukraine,...Syria... Iraq...
 ...Same-sex marriage is legalized in Ireland by popular vote.. and in Iraq!
...public executions and stoning...
-June 3rd, three blindfolded men, accused of being gay were murdered by militants, by
dropping them from 100 ft high building in Mosul in front of hundreds watching...
All the money spent on hate...instead for research and cure of world's pain of dying young,
before time from one or another disease...
All the money spent on hate...instead on  sustaining and caring for the magnificent, multi forms
of animals living on our planet...
All the money spent on hate...instead of supporting each other for better life...for clean water ...
and cheap energy...better jobs, education...building culture...
...all the money spent on arrogant personal ambitions and hate...!

The countless, loving people, homeless, displaced and living under regime...
 standing with folded arms in desperation...
Where is the hope?
The year 2015 - Are we really moving forward? Don't leave the heart behind!

June 6, Saturday - President Barack Obama will deliver a eulogy at Beau Biden’s funeral during the Catholic ceremony in Wilmington, Delaware*.


Eva Lorens
Ed Lorens YouTube

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Beau Biden's Death: 5 Facts About Brain Cancer
by Rachael Rettner, Senior Writer   June 01, 2015 05:01pm ET

"Barack Obama prepares eulogy for Beau Biden Funeral"
-article by Sarah Wheaton, White House reporter -6/2/15

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