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I present my poetry inspired by YouTube.

English: Contemporary jazz pianist Keiko Matsu...
English: Contemporary jazz pianist Keiko Matsui performs at the Daughters of the American Revolution Constitution Hall in Washington. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Presented by  lecknertal YouTube music channel
and my short poem "NIGHT"

  lecknertal YouTube channel carry a very beautiful music
from all over the world. The creator of this channel Frank
also presents the lyrics along with the video. 
But here this is not the case, as the video presented
is strictly instrumental.

I visited the channel and I was highly impressed with
the quality of music of Keiko Matsui, originally from Japan,
presently residing in Los Angeles, Ca. 
The comment that I left was:

Beautiful, smooth, cool music ...easy to listen, very relaxing. Thanks, my friend . 

Wonderful video. Thumb up.

Very often the 'Thank You' note for visiting from creators 
of YouTube channels is very attractive, sometimes (like in this case) will include poetry. However, only few inspire my 
own creativity.
Below I present you with 'Thank You' note left for me in
my YouTube 


by Frank  and my poem, that  his lyrics served to me
as inspiration. I do not know origin of his lyrics.
Frank's music and the verses of the lyrics that he was
leaving in my 'Discussions' box moved me on quite few
occasions to respond with poem of my own. 
Somehow emotionally I respond differently
to lyric sung and to poetry written.

This one took me by surprise, and I read and reread 
it few times, savoring its unusual attractiveness, 
before answering in similar manner with my own
poem, that now I call 'Night'.

 1 week ago

The Moon's pure light is shining
Upon my lonely bed
The star-steam's westward flowing
The night is not far sped

Thanks for watching "Bridge Over Stars".
Have a wonderful weekend.
Hugs, Frank.

Before lying down,
I kissed the moon cool lips....
The promise of silvery nektar
through my body drips...
The night is not far sped
and in my lonely bed
-the stars in spidery web
like dreams in balloon
...hold by the thread...

                   edlorens (I am female)*

You might like to visit lecknertal Music channel to see this video.

Thank you.
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Note *
I keep on finding that people are confused about my gender since
my internet user name is ed lorens. Since I do not know how to address
this problem yet, sometimes I am adding that I am a female.
Actually ed suppose to be e.d (my initials) but at certain place
Google dropped dots as not allowed. This by itself is odd since
in places, like Facebook  I am also E.d. Links.

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