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White Duck
White Duck (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Duck (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Magpie Duck
Magpie Duck (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Birds are the most successful group of flying ...
Birds are the most successful group of flying vertebrate. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Domesticated duck
Domesticated duck (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Mallard duck
Mallard duck (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Along the poem
I am presenting  
a gallery of photos
of ducks 
(compliments of my blogger apps
I hope you like it.
Seek value,
give value,
Think positive,
-have an upbeat life!

find purpose
get love
find greatness
stay on track

Lyrics of my poem
presented by me on 
Ed Lorens YouTube
comedy video:


This is a duck
that swims
and 'quack'.
When one got
huge beak
-it's easy
to speak
'Quack, quack,
quack, quack,
-Silly duck,
silly duck!
In misery
she swam
under heavy sun.

I stuck the hat
on duck's green head,
Now she got
watery fun,
straight under
the sun.
Silly duck,
silly duck,
Quack, quack,
quack, quack
The duck, that 'Quack'
no shy, nor meek,
the mate she seek.
'Quack, quack,
quack, quack'
silly duck,
silly duck!
The little ducklings
can be heard to call,
whenever she goes
for afternoon stroll.
The hat got lost,
on watery coast
-when tiny flock
went for the walk.
Quack, quack,
quack, quack,
Silly duck,
silly duck!
The silly duck,
with silly quack
are dilly-silly sight
in afternoon light.

Gold chain on her neck,
coat on her back,
fashionable duck,
got no luck.
Her effort not paid
in finding a mate.

                                                                                             Are you jealous                                                                                                                                          others having
                                                                                             and you don't?                                          
English: Tradewinds park, coconut Creek, Flori...
English: Tradewinds park, coconut Creek, Florida. Cairina moschata or Muscovy duck with ducklings. Originates from domesticated Muscovy ducks. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Move away from
your pond!
What you want
you can seek
in the world
that is big!

Easy catch,
-no value much!
Use your mind,
for love to find!
Pretty face
-not enough,
when the life
is getting tough!                                                                                  
Head of a Muscovy Duck (Cairina moschata) at Estrela Garden,
 Lisbon (Photo credit: Wikipedia
GNU Free documentation license)

You want 'good'                                                in your life
a purpose
in the sight!
Search for good
and be kind
to the life
that is around.
When you ready
to share and give,
maybe you will
love receive!
Cruising the pond...
 10 ducklings w/Mom Duck (Photo credit: 
It is very well                                                                                        
known fact
-first, put together
your own act!
 Quack, quack,
quack, quack
-silly duck,
silly duck!

ed lorens

Ducks -
from free photos from Wikipedia
brought to me by Zemanta

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ed lorens
Ed Lorens YouTube

All photos here are the gallery that I made using my Blogger apps ZEMANTA
-  originally from Wikipedia (free for use and share) Thank you.

None of this photos I used in my "Silly Duck"  Ed Lorens YouYube production.

In video production, with the exception of one photo (collage) from Europe
 - all ducks photos in the pond and videos are taken by me from the ground 
of the Kaiser hospital near me in So. California.
You can see hospital's buildings in the background.
Some others  photos are Google search - free, no license, clippards and cartons.
Music in the video is not my production, but free - from YouTube.
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