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Sunny - the second presidential dog up front,- is also the Portuguese
water dog bought from an undisclosed  breeder. However the President
Obama, at the same time, made a donation for shelter dog to
Humane Society.

English: Barack Obama
English: Barack Obama
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)
First Dog of the United States, Bo Obama
First Dog of the United States,
Bo Obama (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The two presidential dogs, Bo, and Sunny are playing on the loan...
they are happy and safe ... but the president is losing sleep...
Should we be surprised?

Don't worry at the moment we are safe!


Working on the tip police arrested The North Dakota man, Scott Stockert
 after he came to Washington, D.C. with an intention to abduct the first
dog Bo Obama (poor pooch).
The Stockert, who was set to appear in D.C. Superior Court on Friday on firearms charges for Wednesday’s incident at a hotel near the Washington Convention Center, had unloaded shotgun, rifle and ammunition for the
weapons in his pickup truck.              
Why Bo and what was his intention to do with the dog remains  not clear.
However, according to the court documents, as reported by NBC News
Stockert came to the capital to advocate a $99/month healthcare plan, after
first making his intention to be known - running  for president.
So, maybe Bo was going to be his running mate?

Cropped screenshot of Marilyn Monroe from the ...
Cropped screenshot of
Marilyn Monroe from the
trailer for the film
Gentlemen Prefer Blondes
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: John F. Kennedy, photograph in the Ov...
English: John F. Kennedy,
photograph in the Oval Office.
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Bo Obama is a six-month
-old Portuguese water dog
  was a gift from Senator and Mrs. Kennedy
to Sasha and Malia.
(credit: Wikipedia) 
At this point, everything seems possible since
Stockert also claimed to be a son of John F. Kennedy and
Marilyn Monroe. Later Stockert also claimed to be, of course,
who else but JESUS CHRIST himself.
Then again...why Jesus Christ?
Oh! Well, maybe he felt that
Napoleon position was already
taken by a republican candidate.

That man should be very grateful
that his attempt to kidnap Bo failed...that is unless he likes to
live with the constant buzz bzz
...PETA would make sure that
flies are safe around him.

Of, course, we know where the Stockert next
residence will be
...and I breathe easier.

But, think ...

'Jesus Christ' and the Guns

- Can you come up with a more  deadly mix?

As far as Stockert, knowing his famous heritage is not surprising that he also told police:
“You picked the wrong person to mess with,” 

There is a lot of press coverage in regards
to Obama's Executive Gun Action. Lot of noise made by republicans and pro-guns
Americans about violations of our constitutional rights.
But do the victims of the shootings
don't have the rights?
Who is going to stand up for them?
The proposed changes actually are not
that big, but everything helps.

The looneys and the GUNS...

well... with Obama strong stand, now openly declaring withdrawal of all his political support for the candidates that would not side with him...
maybe we are making the steps in a right direction in creating more obstacles
for an unstable and mentally sick to make more difficult
to put their hands on firearms ... and made sure that even presidential
dogs are safer.

Thank you
ed lorens
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NBC News

Caitlin YilekThe Hill - ‎Friday‎, ‎January‎ ‎8‎, ‎2016
Man arrested after planning to abduct first dog Bo Obama


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