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ROMANCE-MY POETRY- Only Love Can Hurt Like This- Paloma Faith-YouTube

I am a blogger and I also have a YouTube channel .

YouTube besides offering videos is also a social platform, where
creators, subscribers and visitors can chit chat or write a reviews.
I never met Frank, but his Lecknertal YouTube channel was on few
occasions the source of my own inpiration to write poetry, that I would
write and leave in the commentaries. These poetry, finally I am publishing
here for the first time.

ed lorens 

  • You here?! ... and a poem?
Seeing friend from the far is like seeing one eye star... Sleepy eye not aware, that I am here... Honey! With the poem I came near, with the poem  I do stare!'re not aware! (by edlorens)

  • Waiting in the night
  • 2.
Waiting for the word
in the twilight court.... under the soft lights of the passing nights... Dreams are made in heaven, but not the stars... The YouTube embrace everyday I face... with loveliness of song can't help, but long... I string together the dreams lighter then feather the pearls shine in musical eye lighting the room escaping to the moon...

(by edlorens) 

On the next visit, Frank left in my 'discussion' part of the lyrics
"Only Love Can Hurt Like This". I watched that video recently 
and enjoyed the performance of Paloma Faith.

"Say I wouldn't care if you walked away,
But every time you're there I'm begging you to stay, When you come close I just tremble And every time, every time you go, It's like a knife that cuts right through my soul" Thanks for watching "Only Love Can Hurt Like This".Enjoy your weekend, Frank.
Of course, my answer was another poem.
  • The Twist
Oh! That's quite insane!
I never saw you before in pain No desire, but distant look I watched in your face... you never asked for my lips taste... You never asked how my skin feel when touched by your hand! Oh! My dear! I couldn't stand what seems indifference! I blessed that knife! Finally! Your heart-alive! Oh, your pain! How delicious it feels! I want to bring you down to tears! I want you tremble on my sight I want you shaking in the freight, when song envelope me at night! Oh, my dear... I want you longing and in fear, whenever I come to you near. Maybe I could stop for a night and leave with the first light... It's just fit -the pain you suffer I found sweet. The course changed, the fate - twist. In anticipation I hold my wrist, a palm form fist, waiting, expecting a hungry beast...
At the end in the arms of your song the trembling heart find no release, for I long -not for ecstazy, but peace!
In the words of Frank (Lecknertal): "Paloma Faith - Only Love Can Hurt Like This - Live at Kensington Gardens
Published on Jul 24, 2015
Paloma Faith (1981) is a British singer, songwriter and actress.
Filmed on 17 February 2014 in London's Kensington Gardens for Burberry.
Burberry is a British luxury fashion house, distributing outerwear, fashion accessories, fragrances, sunglasses, and cosmetics."

Thank You

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