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Would you use the words 'EXCELLENCE IN KILLING, SLAUGHTERING' ? ...FAMOUS IMAN DOES video Shocking!

Yusuf al-Qaradawi
Yusuf al-Qaradawi (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Yusuf al-Qaradawi
Yusuf al-Qaradawi (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


World According to Arabs
World According to Arabs (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There is a video from - it's on the Facebook and YouTube.

I saw it for the first time shared on the Facebook by an American Muslim,
Ayub Floating.
I was very moved, impressed by that video ...that is until...



Ayub and I, we both watched the video like some other 6,189,845 but like thousand,
maybe millions of others our primary focus and conclusions differs.

Ayub Floating reviewing the Kuwaiti Iman video concluded:
      "This channel's purpose is to highlight threats against
       the Zionist regime. What the Imam says is an obvious truth, though."
...and that other comment...
But myself, in Iman's speech I found another point of interest, some worrisome.
The video is a short speech given by Iman that some people think he is a Kuwaiti Iman.
But that is not so. The speaker Dr. Yousuf Al-Quaradhawi, quickly recognized on
YouTube or Facebook.  (F-Facebook, YT-YouTube):

"...this is not a Kuwaiti Imam, He is Egyptian and lives in Qatar,
He is the great scholar Dr Yousuf El-د.يوسف القرضاوي Al-Qaradawi..."

       -Lotfy Aziz (Director of Social Observatory Research Program, Muscat, Oman
       مجلس البحث العلمي The Research Council University of Newcastle Ph.D. Candidate)[F]

                        -Badril Dikenson (F)
"He's Sheikh Dr Yusuf Qaradawi, not a Kuwaitis
but expelled from Egypt, a great Islamic scholar."

By majority, the Iman speech got a great reviews and applaud. like:
                         -Yuveen Raj Jenarthenan (F)
"great enlightening speech by an enlightened imam
 ....all the while I had bad impression on Arabs...but now, there is someone
at least to avoid me from hating the Arabs.
..........." the right man to the throne ""

 and there are some...hmmm...

         -Shoaib Saleem  (F)
"I'mam Yousuf Al Qardawi of Ikhwan-ul Muslimoon
(Muslim Brotherhood) of Egypt.
He also led the funeral prayers of Syed Abul'ala Maudoodi
(founder of Jamaat-e-Islami Pakistan)."

Is a Muslim Brotherhood the terrorist organization?!

 One from Sept.22/15 calls Iman a CRIMINAL!
              -Momo Tounssi (F)          
"This is in Qatar, not Kuwait and this criminal
is Egyptian (Youssef al kara DHA oui ) big Lier and criminal"

 Perceptions and reactions depend on the audience. Westerners are the ones
that are much more prone to withhold the praise and more suspicious, even critical
as I.

The Iman gives one of those speeches that seems it breathes with openness on
the non-confrontational subject, dedicated to other Arabs.

Why the Arabs are being humiliated in the world...Why are the Arab countries
not progressing like European countries?

But, I am concern if this video has a singular, strong positive message
delivered by an enlightened scholar or there is something more to it.

In the view of current events, this video should be seen again. It seems very useful
for westerner...yes!...VERY USEFUL indeed.
The western world is the most democratic and most humane.
But our own culture is relatively young...Syria is over 4,000 old...or thinks about
Arab's merchants roads or Babylonian hanging gardens and Arabs having medicine and
beautiful architecture when we were still wearing diapers.

"I use to read the history for the glory day of Arab area during the period
of 900 AC to 1200 AC. They build one of the early libraries in the world. They control all
the trade along the silk road, and also the sea route from gulf of arad to South China sea,
they are a lot of famous scientists and mathematicians in the world, they travel the high
sea all the way to Chuan Zhong in Fujian , and they build the oldest mosque there around 900 AC .
Arab is the most respectable trader in the east, and also in Malaysia."
                                          Chin Yew Meng, January 1, 2015 (F)

"Yeap. They were. Until they started to become fanatic Muslims."
                                                     Ami Spiegler, October 29/15 (F)
There were times in the history pages when Arabs were
the one sophisticated and enlightened and not us. But their mentality permits cruelty and
advice violence when with Jesus message of love Christian nations moved forward toward more
peaceful, accepting, cooperative coexistence.
Arabs had the thousands of years to develop the mental strategies to deal with various situations...
There are a Christians Arabs too, but majority Arabs (1.7 billion) are Muslims.
The western world continuously strives to bring more equitable now ...the gay marriages...
all in the name of democracy. This trend does not exist or is very slow in Arabs countries, especially the ones under the Sharia Laws. The tremendous difference in mentality has to be considered.
                                          WHAT IS THIS IMAN SPEECH ABOUT?!

 Iman said that according to tests done
the Arab, in governmental position works for 27 min. per day. 
That's right. 27 minutes/day. Wait a moment! That the average. Let me quote:'
The average was 27 minutes a day." That is less than half an hour.
 Although the country has all luxury none of the goods are manufactured by Arabs.
All bought, some assembled
...India has already its own plane, but Kuwait has
no car or plane that would be made by Arabs. In the nutshell
the Arabs have the luxuries...they do not produce luxury or anything else.
There are consumers of goods but not the producers.

Cathy Inslee on Facebook argued that Iman only
" speaking of Kuwait, a country which is only 50 some years old...
... The people of Kuwait were promised subsidy and no one works. It is not true of all
Arab nations..."  The speech was delivered originally on Qatar Tv.
but from the context, it appears, it was made for the much wider audience.
This Iman is a very influential in many parts of the world. He is fast recognized.
He is called spectacular and DECENT!
The video has an English subtext and I partially brought transcript of it, the part
that I found very disturbing to the westerner.
Iman spoke with clarity, experienced speaker, not short for words ...
all his speech was thoughtfully to listen...for a short while..
I am concern by his certain words,
choice of example that he used.  I keep on thinking 'why'.
Why this one, Why in that manner?
It's understandable that by his rhetorics he wanted to reach the hearts and minds
of people. If the message was like Ayub assumed to
'highlight threats against the Zionist regime' is was quite subtle.
The speech is motivation/inspiration category... to encourage people to change
attitudes/mentality from solely being the consumers to became the producers,
self reliant...But the example...see his words and please,
pay special attention to the highlights:
" How can we develop
if we do not work?
when we do work,
we don't do it professionally.
We keep saying: "Don't worry,
later, later...
Islam teaches us
to do things professionally.
doing things professionally
is a religious duty.
The Prophet said that Allah ordered
us to excel in everything.
He imposed excellence
and professionalism.
Professionalism must
be followed in everything.
"If you kill, do it properly.
and if you slaughter, do it properly."
Even when killing,
you must do it well.
Unfortunately, we do not excel
in either military or civil industries.
We import everything
from needles to missiles.
This is our nation.
influenced by this at all..."

Do you see what I mean?! Iman is talking about an example,
a support to his words...but even before he introduced these words 'killing', 'slaughter',
he is over and over amplifying the importance of excelling... professionalism
.. he brings god to drive the point...he made of excelling in any duty
a religious matter - requirement... and that all BEFORE the stronger words ( that appears
to be a quote, which is also scary!):"...If you kill...If you slaughter...".

When you hear the words: "...If you kill...If you slaughter" don't you shudder like I do?
Is this is a common, usual activity that people get involved?
How many of you KILL or SLAUGHTER? Don't you think that it is natural as an example to use the
an activity that is performed daily? Iman is a very powerful person in the Arab world ...he is
theologically educated, spiritual leader...people listen...people follow him...very influential.
In the western world, the theologian, by comparison, has the lesser
political influence over the outcome. In Arabs world, there are a SHARIA LAWS and SHARIA COURTS directly in smallest details governing people lives,
The Iman is the power to reckon with.
Did you pay attention to the imaginary conversation that he had...
when Iman felt impatience and criticised:"...We keep saying: "Don't worry,
later, later..." followed by religion...professionalism..."..."If you kill, do it properly.
and if you slaughter, do it properly..."

How do you feel when educated, the influential leader calls for excellence and professionalism
and then he is adding "...Even when killing, you must do it well..." From the religious
leader of that statue doesn't this sound like encouragement...commend...order!!!
A spider web? ...the threat is very delicate almost invisible, but very strong...
What is going on? Did the air suddenly get thicker and you got bile in your stomach?

By most non-westerners the part about killing in commentaries was completely ignored
or dismissed that Iman solely talked about killings of animals.
                  -Nek Mohammed (edited, F)
 "... killing and slaughtering are meant ...for meat consumption
... Halal means proper health aspect ... He didn't mean killing and slaughtering human beings."

 But Iman did not mention neither defined, animals or humans. What do you think about killing
or death? Yes! we, westerners, do put to death, people and animals...we kill and we murder...
not only in the wars...many states in U.S. have a death penalty. We want our enemy/enemies,
or person be gone...remove from society and the peace. security be restored.
But we never take the pleasure in the killing itself...the act of dying, act of killing brings
the horrid emotions. Never our western mind can put together words like
excellence and killing, professionalism and killing. NO! NO! NO!
The killings whatever we do is only out of necessity, the last resort, never taken lightly.
And please, see the following comment to the Iman speech:
                    -Mehboob Alam Pasha,  May 29, 2015 (F)
"well, the only excellence achieved is in the matter of killing
i spose which is swift, and leaves no collateral damage unlike the western world where
collateral damage is the rule / anyway sheikh, all the best to you and your efforts inshallah"
I do not think that above commnetator was talking about killing animals.

How is that enlightened mind could even consider in the 'inspirational'speech
use KILLING, SLAUGHTERING animals or humans as an example?!
It is not surprising, that many commentators did not address the work habits of Arabs at all...
instead, the essence they got from this video was summarized as:
                            -Sonam Gyamtso Bhutia (F)
"The hate I tell you... Corrupts everything it touches."
                            -Michael Yurovsky (F)
"The only thing Muslim Arabs do professionally is TERROR."

...and few more commentaries:

                            -Denis WhiteSide Mystics (F)
"Quite a point he has indeed..thanx for sharing ...
yet his 1st example of how good work is done: "if you kill do it properly
if you slaughter do it properly"... thanx but nooo thanx,
useless violence propaganda, the core of our planet's problem."

                             -Dr.Chukwuma Christopher Osaji (F)
" Great speech but the moment he talked
about "killing with excellence",
I knew these people will never change from their barbaric ways."

                             -sulijoo, 4 weeks ago (YT)
"Watching it again I feel my sympathy for this guy evaporate the moment he said that Islam requires
Arabs to be professional and excel at everything they do, including "killing and slaughter" (3:48).
How can you ask why Arabs are so backward, then say something as f*****g barbaric as that? One is a consequence of the other, you f*****g savage.  You are living proof of what I have always said:
people who are more concerned about what happens to them after they die rather than how they live
are of no use to anybody. The Arab world post-Islam in a nutshell."
(***** my own substitute for obvious reason)

                               -kookaloo63, 1 month ago (YT)
 "I was so impressed with the critical thinking of this gentlemen until he started speaking of
"If you kill, you must kill well"

I was also moved and impressed with Iman speech until...

Not so long ago, I read that one Iman that was going to lecture in New York was not allowed
the entry. While Cameron called for explanations and our politically correct media voiced outrage
... I was quietly pleased with our Homeland Security.
We don't owe anybody explanations about our security measures or why we govern ourselves the way we do.
U.S. lost too much power bending and trying to appease.
There is an invisible web growing...beware of the spider...ARE YOU A FLY?

Thank you
Eva Lorens
Ed Lorens YouTube

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