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AnD wHo iS aCtiNg CRAZY?...Not me... Life/Humor - VIDEOS - (Topsy-turvy life and a Flip-flop)


English: Echeveria runyonii "Topsy Turvy&...
 Echeveria runyonii "Topsy Turvy"
English: Echeveria glauca 'Topsy Turvy', locat...
Engl Echeverria glaucus 'Topsy Turvy',
 located outdoors in Tasmania, Australia
 ( Wikipedia)
English: Echeveria runyonii "Topsy Turvy&...
 Echeveria Runyon ii "Topsy Turvy"
at the Kula Ace Hardware and Nursery

Sleep No More (anthology)
Sleep No More (anthology) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
That is what my blogger assistant
-Zemanta apps suggested while
I was writing this post.
One of the ideas what can you do when you can not sleep...
guarantee you'll sleep no more...
(I am being misunderstood...
now,  by the robot...?)
This is a post
that I call "Topsy Turvy and a Flip Flop".
It's not a diary.  Although I am tempted. My diary could be a great source of help, an immediate remedy for all insomniac running around, unable to get some sleep. So, maybe later.
Remember, my dear child, that I love you. To have my love, you do not have to be smart...or you would not come here to visit.  Also, you do not have to be good...we all failed in that aspect...I settle for  ...trying to be good and caring....seeing intelligence in all creation...and loving it ... is enough to open my heart to loving you.
It's the type of love that easily can encompass multitude and Google apps can help it'll sustain, reach and grow.
But Topsy Turvy pages are about small, very small humor, thought, an observation that comes to my everyday mind of mine, shared directly with...the loved one.
It's mostly about my and my dog life together, Lesley or Google
or anything else a little 'off kilter', like my life.

You're probably wondering about expression:
This expression dictionary does not have it.
But one of my books -does. The book is about work and life
of painter Arcimboldo.
There was also movie made in the year 1999 in  the UK with Topsy Turvy as a title,  The origins of this expression are
unknown to me, but it perfectly describes my life:
"Topsy-Turvy".  But then my life is well described by other
By the way -that movie, that I mentioned - it was a flop.

Topsy-Turvy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
(fair use)

O.K. So what is Topsy Turvy? It's a life with a curve... Just like that some twist.
In my case..moments of my and my dog Lesley pages and the this one
-very dramatic!



Sometimes, I feel like it's good to know that while I sleep, I can stretch out my hand and pat my little dog on the next pillow.  Nobody else is breathing in this room except the two of us. But then, my dog Lesley got a strange habit.
Soonest, I get up from  the sofa, she knows it's bedtime and stands in front of the bedroom's door.
One would expect that she would jump on the bed since she is permitted and welcomed.
I assure you, she knows how to jump. Still this is not happening.

My dog Lesley
doing her impersonation
of the Chicken
Instead, in spite of me calling her, she hides in recess
under the bed and stays there for the first part of
the night, before she decides to join me.
I kept on wondering, what is under the bed that is so attractive to her. Never in my even darkest hour, I thought about crawling under the bed to take the nap there.
So, why is she?
Finally, I decided to overcome my fear of dark, narrow spaces and explore the vast universe under my bed.
Do you know what I found out?

-that is that doll
that my dog prefers
over me!
My dog stole one of my dolls and hid it there.
My dog secret exposed: She was keeping company to my doll.
 Of course, my doll got a smile. I don't.
I am thinking... if I ever would be moved to seek a therapy, should I ever bring this for a discussion?
It's not so trivial, as you might think.
Why is it my petting, hugs or occasional kiss so scary to my own dog, that she runs away into the arms of the doll?
Should I be permitted to feel jealous or rise above? What do you think?



My special friend - Lesley

Lately, I was worried about my next door neighbor. She is acting very strange.
She used to be such a friendly outgoing personality. I saw her constantly running from door to door, from one neighbor to another, never sit put in her own place. Actually, her own place would be the last one to look for her. Always perky and full of neighborly news about everybody in a two-mile circle. About everybody she knew everything up to date and more. It was from her that I found out
about my friends breaking up before the idea came to their mind. Thanks to her I knew who was arguing with whom and who was winning.
 And a lot of other happy news like that.
So what happened now?
I have no idea! I still see her slightly opening her curtains to take a pick when she see me and then quickly closing, but that about it.
There is  no more her talking and me quietly nodding and listening.
I was so concern, that I told my other friend about that. My friend just looked at me somberly
and  said:
 - Last time when you  saw her, were you acting 'yourself' again?
Then, even before I could wipe my nose my friend was gone.
And no, nothing special happened last time I saw my neighbor. O.K. that was a very first time, when
I was able to say word or two. But that about it. At that time, my neighbor stopped me especially complaining about my dog Lesley. Something trivial.  I can stomach bad mousing, but not about my dog.
All that I said was:
-O.K. I am going to talk to Lesley about that.
My neighbor gave  me a quick, funny look and was gone within seconds.  I kept my word. I told my dog about that. Lesley ignored me. She still acts the same as before with my quiet blessings.
But somehow I got no more complaints...nobody is breaking up...and I don't hear about anybody arguing.
It got somewhat quiet. That's not so bad.
Again I run to my friend and told her about that. All she said:
-Are you talking 'to' your dog?
This time, I got mad, and I grabbed her arm so that she would not disappear before I answered:
-Yea, I am talking to my dog! Maybe you or somebody else got a problem
with that, but my dog does not!

My dog mix- malt from shelter

Lesley likes when I talk to her. She does not always understand everything,
 but she still likes it.
Somebody might think, that's crazy.  Well.... what about all that men, turned 'potato couch' during the football season, sitting alone on the sofa and yelling and screaming during the game?
Does the TV talks back or understand? Sorry? Google intuitive robot not at work there.


 Before the computer entered my life, every place I was  going with the book. People, that I know would stop me and comment, that they never saw me without the book. That is true.
There was...I and the book... inseparable everywhere...that is until I discovered new not-reciprocated love. The book is still there, but less. It does not matter, that my PC does not love me. I am doing this or that on my computer at every imaginable hour of day or night. I want to be with my computer more...spent more more things.
With Google apps, my PC got to be very intuitive.
Except  my computer developed a problem.
Whenever I want to surf the web while I am in bed, my PC goes to 'sleep'.

Does  Google glass...sleeps...if not...maybe I could dream up the price to go down ...
on second thought...I think Google glass  is a  flop.


GOOGLE KWACK - about Google

 This is me - edlorens,
or at least, it is the representation of
one of my own face

E.D.Lorens YouTube



WHAT WAS FIRST? r-poem/humor


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