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"... the harmony shall follow" - POETRY by edlorens - Inspiration and Reflections

English: Triumph of Venus, original oil on can...
English: Triumph of Venus, original oil on canvas by Csaba Markus Français : Triomphe de Vénus, à l'huile originales sur toile par Csaba Markus Magyar: Vénusz Diadala, Eredeti kézzel vászonra festett olajfestmény Italiano: Trionfo di Venere, originale olio su tela da Csaba Markus (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
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September 22, 2016
by edlorens

My two poems:


    are the result of the peaceful reflections of the lazy summer day.  Ah! We all have the good, not so good and really bad days... but the days spent "under God's hat" on the green meadow are always good. 
Especially when accompanied by Love!                                          

A Scenery Like Me
A Scenery Like Me
  (Fair use Wikipedia

THE COLORS IN LIFE                                                      (poem by edlorens)       

Talking and walking
side by side...
the everyday set around...
Like many days from the past...                                        
April Love, 1856
April Love, 1856 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

around you, the days seems
passing fast...
no lacking, just - no color...
never happy, never sorrow.
Up to now, I was fine...
when suddenly your hand
brushed against mine...
and then the feeling for me fresh ...
Was it accidental...
or did you mean ...?
The question
inside me raising steam,
my sight for a moment going dim                                        
and moisture gathers in my eyes...
Are you going this moment size?
All I see is a blur ...
How can I be sure...
What is that, that I feel
How should I with my body deal?
One soft touch...
and I am on fire!
It can't be!
Can I hide? Should I flee?
I  feel I am stacked to the ground.
Ridiculous! That how it sound!
What you're saying, I can't hear...
I only hear my own fear...
I only know my life
stepped on a different path...
My heart is rising beating fast...
When sudden colors wash my life...
turning, you looked in my eye...
the smirk of a smile...
the quiet:"Give a chance!'
Then sharply spoken:"Stay!"
Oh! Yes! Yes! What a day!
What a day!
by edlorens
Today Belongs to Love
Today Belongs to Love (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



(poem by edlorens)

The dark bird - the old widow,
swing above my head.
I am lying in the meadow...                                            
English: Meadow near Wilday Green.
English: Meadow near Wilday Green. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

grass some green, some dead.
On the ground
the soft air swirls all around.                                                  
My face kissed
My hair tango,
The winds on a skin...
What a  romance bring!
The sun on lips
and touching lids
of heavy eyes half asleep...
A little stir, a little sad...
only mother, no man could
ever love like that!

The green mat
...for me,
the Mother Nature
-the sleeping cat
- created...
under ... God's hat!
Nature earthly call,                                                            
English: A Love Story, painting, oil on canvas...
English: A Love Story, painting, oil on canvas, 101.8 x 152.7 cm, by E. Phillips Fox (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Nature warm lazy streak,
the sounds of my soul
tick-tick, tick-tick ...
..rain and passion...the storm
the live that form...
in unity or against...
Destructive Demon ...
the prize we pay
for life astray
From a motherly love
of God and Earth.
English: God's testament with Noah
English: God's testament with Noah (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The times before
the Earth grew old,
God with holy hand
placed the law in man soul.
the LAW governs all
there is no exception!
The endless peace from above
in the Law... from the love
Obey - and harmony will follow!
Disobey - the  pain and sorrow!
That's right!
Men's choice, free will ...
Submit or fight!

I am still for a moment, very long
inhaling grass, wind - an airy song...all
and all in harmony with God's soul
that I am, that I am...
edlorens (February 12, 2016)
English: God's creation Nederlands: Dit inseck...
English: God's creation Nederlands: Dit insect in God's schepping (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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